Hunkemöller Summer Getaway Wishlist

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Summer is just around the corner (literally 3 days away) and even though the weather in Belgium has had more mood-swings than I do, I’m so ready! And the best part about a new season? Shopping for it! I’ve been so inspired by the fashion trends this year (woven bags, big hats, cute ‘vintage-looking’ bathing suits,…) and I just want it all! Hunkemöller has definitely kept a close eye on those Summer trends and released a K-I-L-L-E-R swimwear line with beautiful bikinis and bathing suits. I decided to share a few of my favorite pieces from their new Summer collection so that we can all dream of that perfect Summer getaway together. 

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To go along with their new Summer collection, they shot a gorgeous campaign in Miami that makes me long for a Summer vacation so badly! They nailed the Summer beachy vibes if you ask me. If I could only pick one item out of my entire wishlist to buy, it would definitely be the ‘Tropics Bathing Suit’ since I love the retro rainbow vibes it gives. And to be completely honest, I’ll probably end up picking up most of the items on my wishlist anyway. I just can’t help myself!

What are some of your most wanted items for Summer?

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This blog article was written in partnership with Hunkemöller. All opinions are my own.

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