Another Colourpop Makeup Haul | February 2018


Hey loves! Starting today, I’m posting every single day on my YouTube channel this week, which is super exciting! I’ve never uploaded this many videos, so it will definitely be a challenge for me. However, I do like to challenge myself once in a while, so I’m pumped!! I’m kicking off this week with a little Colourpop haul. I ordered a few items from their website and I decided to film all of the makeup I picked up! If you didn’t know already, Colourpop is one of my favorite brands, which is why I love filming anything related to this brand. I hope you enjoy this video & don’t forget to subscribe so that you don’t miss out on any of my videos this week!


Colourpop x Kathleen Lights Dream Team Lip Bundle $19

Colourpop x Kathleen Lights Dream St. Shadow Palette $16

Colourpop x LauraLee Super Shock Shadow in ‘Hiney’ $5

Colourpop Take Me Home Shadow Palette $10

Colourpop All I See Is Magic Shadow Palette $20

Colourpop Luster Dust Loose Powder Highlighter in ‘Gnomie’ $7

Have you picked up anything by Colourpop lately??

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