Nicole Guerriero x Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit | Review & Swatches

Soooo, I know it has been a while since I was able to sit down and do what I love most, which is writing about makeup. The past couple of weeks have been so extremely busy with school, traveling and starting my internship in Toronto. But I’ve finally settled in and have some spare time on my hands to write about a new product I was able to pick up here in Canada. I’m talking about the newest Anastasia Beverly Hills collab with beauty vlogger Nicole Guerriero. Together they released a gorgeous Glow Kit that has been super hyped about and sold-out pretty much everywhere. Of course, I ran to my nearest Sephora the moment I arrived in Toronto to try and snatch this beauty up, which I was lucky enough to get my hands on before it sold out everywhere! I knew from the moment I saw this pop up in my Instagram feed I simply needed it in my life & today I’m finally reviewing this exciting new beauty launch for you guys!

The packaging of this Glow Kit is very similar to ABH’s other Glow Kits from the past. The only difference is the size of this palette and the fact that the highlight pans don’t pop out magnetically, which I wish they did. As per usual, the palette slides out of a cardboard sleeve that has the exact same design of the actual Glow Kit. The palette itself has a light pink color with specs of silver glitter all throughout and Nicole’s name in a beautiful holographic font. The palette doesn’t come with a mirror and contains 6 highlight pans.

Brand’s description:

Limited edition Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit featuring six metallic powder highlighters created in collaboration with YouTuber Nicole Guerriero. Layer multiple shades or apply separately on face and body for a luminous finish. Ideal for use with Brush A23. For added radiance, apply with a damp makeup brush or sponge.

❤ Kitty Kat: a medium warm peachy pink with a metallic finish.

❤ Forever Young: a light to medium warm peachy beige with a metallic finish.

❤ Day Dream: a medium bright warm orange with a metallic finish.
❤ Forever Lit: a bright cool-toned white with a metallic finish.

❤ Glo Getter: a light to medium warm golden copper with a metallic finish.

❤ 143: a darker warm bronzy gold with a metallic finish.

Each and every one of these shades is extremely warm-toned and has an intense metallic finish and pigmentation. The finish does have a lot of glitter in it and is a little less smoother than what I’m used to from her other Glow Kits.

The formula of these highlighters is a little bit powdery and glittery and less smooth than the other Glow Kits, but it still blends nicely on top of the cheekbones. There’s also a nice consistency in the formula since I think they all have the same soft but slightly powdery texture. The pigmentation is right on point and these highlighters look extremely intense! You only need the tiniest amount to make your cheeks pop.

Since I’m personally a huge fan of blinding (and not so subtle) highlighters, I think this palette is absolutely gorgeous! I adore these warm-toned shades and even though they look quite dark in the pan or swatched, they look a lot lighter applied on the cheekbones. So if you’re like me and you love an intense and metallic highlight, this is definitely the palette for you! However, if you prefer a more buildable, natural and subtle highlight, I would suggest you stay as far away rom this collab as you possibly can!

Considering these shades all look very warm and pinky peach toned (with the exception of Forever Lit), some of these do look quite similar, such as Glo Getter and 143. That is why I think they could’ve done a nicer job when it comes to adding some variety to the palette, although I’m totally in love with each and every one of these shades! That being said, I do believe there’s enough variety for a wide range of skin-tones to be able to pull these off.

Naturally, since these highlighters are more on the metallic and shimmery side, they do tend to accentuate any texture on the skin a little bit, but I’ve used highlighters that highlight uneven skin far more.

I have to admit, I’m pretty impressed with this newest Youtube collaboration! Even though some of the shades are a little bit glittery, I’m obsessed with the overall palette. The highlighters are warm, extremely intense and they blend effortlessly on the cheeks.

The Nicole Guerriero x ABH Glow Kit is available in Sephora stores, online & on the official Anastasia Beverly Hills website for $40 (27 g). It’s currently sold-out on Sephora and in most stores, but you can still order yours on the ABH website. If you live in Europe, do keep in mind you might have to pay additional custom fees! Considering I was able to get my hands on this beauty here in Toronto, I think $40 is a reasonable price considering the amount of product you get & the quality of the highlighters.

PS: The lighting in my apartment sucks, so I’m really sorry for the bad photos! I’ll try my best to find a better spot to shoot next time, promise!

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