Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette

The makeup industry has been going wild over this highlighting palette by Sleek, and I couldn’t miss what all the hype was about. I picked this beauty up a few months ago when I went to London and have been playing with it ever since. So if you’re interested in knowing my thoughts, keep on reading!

First of all, I think the packaging looks so luxurious and fancy, probably because of the gold. This palette comes in a sturdy and compact case, that has a large mirror inside and 4 highlight pans. It closes magnetically, and although it looks very luxurious, you can definitely tell by the touch that it’s not that expensive. But then again, it’s very lightweight and perfect to travel with for those of you who like having options. The only remark packaging-wise is that I think the little brush is unnecessary, since I would never ever use that to actually highlight with and it just takes up room.

Each shade has its own name, which is indicated on the back of the palette.

This palette comes with a cream highlight, two baked powder highlighters and one silky shimmer powder highlight.

❤ Ecliptic: a pinkish rose gold cream.
❤ Hemisphere: a baked pink lilac.
❤ Subsolar: a pale yellow.
❤ Equinox: a baked warm orange/champagne.

Each and everyone of these highlighters have such an amazing pigmentation and feel silky smooth and not powdery whatsoever. I was so amazed when I first swatched and wore these, I think other planets even picked up that glow. 

I totally get why they put a cream highlight (Ecliptic) in this palette, but to be honest that’s just something I would hardly ever use. Also, Hemisphere (purple) is totally out of my comfort zone and I don’t see myself applying it to my cheekbones anytime soon.

But OH MY LORD, Subsolar and Equinox mixed together are a match made in heaven. They both look great on their own as well, but paired together they’re a dream team.

If you’re into subtle highlighters, I would suggest staying far away from this product. But if you do, GO GET IT NOW!

You can check out my tutorial on this Spring look here

I can definitely say that this is THE BEST drugstore highlight out there. I have never come across a drugstore highlight with such an intense glow and pigmentation, even some high-end highlighters could learn a thing or two from this product. If you’re debating on whether or not the get this, I would say go for it, you won’t regret it!

The Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette is available on here for €13,95 (9 g). I think that’s a great price point for such an amazing product that could easily compete with a lot of higher-end makeup.

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