Becca x Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette | Review & Swatches

After the huge success of Becca’s collab with Jaclyn Hill they decided to surprise us all again with a new collaboration. This time they teamed up with internet sensation Chrissy Teigen to release a new face palette. The rose golden glow face palette features two highlighters, a bronzer and a blush. I have been playing around with this palette for about two weeks now and in today’s post I’m finally sharing my
honest experiences with this newest collab!

The Face Glow palette comes packaged
in a beautiful rose gold metallic cardboard box. The palette itself has a
gorgeous peach marble look to it with rose gold accents and Chrissy’s
signature. The texture of the front feels very glossy and gel-like that tends to stick to other items, which is the only downside of this packaging I can think
of. This ‘compact’ feels extremely sturdy, a little bit heavy but not bulky
whatsoever. It comes with a huge mirror inside in which you can almost see your
entire face, it’s that big! Overall, the packaging is eye-catchingly stunning
and it looks amazing on any vanity.

Brand’s description:

“Achieve the ultimate endless
summer glow with the BECCA X Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette. Chrissy Teigen
captures the essence of what BECCA stands for: effortless, natural, authentic
beauty. Together, they’ve collaborated for a gorgeous face palette full of
warm, lush, sultry shades of highlighter, blush, and bronzer—all hand-picked by
Chrissy herself.”



Chrissy is such a gorgeous, strong women and her signature look is
definitely to have that sun-kissed finish. Her medium to tan skin is absolute perfection
and you can definitively tell by looking at this palette her skin’s more on the
deeper side. She picked out these shades with her skin-tone in mind and if you have
medium to tan skin as hers, these colors would look amazing on your skin-tone
and give you that perfect Summer glow.


As mentioned, this palette comes with two highlighters, a bronzer and a
blush, all very peachy pink undertoned. Both the highlighters come in bigger
pans than the blush and bronzer, which I think isn’t the most convenient ever.
I use way more bronzer than I would use a highlighter and my bronzer brush is
generally a lot bigger than my highlighter ones. That’s one thing I would’ve
done different on the inside, but it’s not a deal-breaker.


❤ Rose Gold (Shimmering Skin
Perfector Pressed Highlighter): a warm reddish copper with a metallic finish.
❤ Hibiscus Bloom (Shimmering Skin Perfector
Luminous Blush, LE): a warm bright medium pink with a subtle sheen.
❤ Malibu Soleil (Sun Lit Bronzer, LE):
a warm golden medium dark brown with a satin finish.
❤ Beach Nectar (Shimmering Skin
Perfector Pressed Highlighter, LE): a soft warm peachy apricot with a metallic


Rose Gold is a little bit on the dryer side compared to Becca’s other powder highlighters, but it’s still nicely pigmented and quite smooth. Hibiscus Bloom has a beautifully soft consistency that adds a pretty flush to the cheeks with a subtle glow. The pigmentation is very nice, maybe even a little
bit too much pigment for my liking. I just use a very light hand with this
and it works out fine. Malibu Soleil has a smooth texture and just the
right amount of pigmentation to it (not too harsh or too subtle). The undertone
is perfect for both contouring and bronzing up the skin, especially on medium
skin-tones. Beach Nectar is nicely pigmented with a soft texture.


My favorite combo to use with this palette is
definitely Hibiscus Bloom as a blush (very light-handed), Malibu
as a bronzer and Beach Nectar as a highlight since Rose
is a little bit too dark for me at the moment.

Overall the shades were nicely pigmented, with a smooth and soft texture and easy to blend onto the skin. The formula isn’t too powdery or firm and there’s not a lot of powder kick-up. The colors are all buildable and although most of them do contain some shimmer, non of them are overly shimmery. Also, these shades compliment each other beautifully and combined they add a beautiful sun-kissed flush to the skin, perfect for the Summer!

This palette is quite dupable and there are
definitely a lot of Becca products that look quite similar to the shades in
this palette. That being said, I definitely think this is a stunning palette and a must-have for any makeup lover! The shades are also quite universally
flattering, especially since they’re all quite buildable. The only shade I
think isn’t really great for pale or light skin-tones is Rose Gold, but it
would also look really pretty as an eyeshadow.

The lasting-power of these powders is extremely nice as well. On my skin, these lasted up to 8 hours before they started to fade just a little bit.

Along with this palette came a little sample of the First Light Priming Filter, which is Becca’s newest primer (the purple one). Even-though this primer is quite expensive, I LOVED every single drop I used from this. It’s very refreshing, moisturizing and it made my skin look super healthy.

I’m wearing Malibu Soleil as a bronzer, Hibiscus Bloom as a blush & Beach Nectar as a highlight.


If you have a light to medium skin-tone or even
darker and you’re looking for that perfect Summer palette with warmer peachy
and coral hues, look no further! Eventhough there are similarities with last year’s Jaclyn Hill collab, this palette is still a little bit different and the perfect palette to travel with all Summer. These four powders compliment each other
perfectly and the quality is great. They blended out easily and stay in place
throughout the day pretty well.
The Becca x Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette is available
on the Sephora website (and in stores) for US $46 / CAD $54 here (15g). You can also order the palette on the official Becca Cosmetics website here. If you live in Europe or the UK, you can get the palette from Cult
Beauty for £45 here, this way you don’t have to pay any custom fees. $46 dollars sounds like
a lot of money, but considering the total value is $76, this palette isn’t that
badly priced. Then again, with these collabs you’re mostly paying for the
beautiful packaging and name on the palette. If you ask me, this palette is
totally worth the money if you have the budget / skin-tone for it. And if
you’re just a makeup collector and junkie like I am, this is just a must!

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