Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette | Review & Swatches

Hey loves!! Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I was busy studying for my finals but I’m back now! And to get back into the swing of things, I’m going to be reviewing the Too Faced Sweet Peach eyeshadow palette for you guys. This palette was originally released in the beginning of 2016 and everybody went crazy for it. It was sold out everywhere and I couldn’t get my hands on it back then unfortunately. However, Too Faced decided to bring it back towards the end of 2016, along with matching lipglosses, a blush and highlighting kit. This time, I didn’t miss out on the peach hype and I was able to finally get my hands on the eyeshadow palette! Some say it’s overhyped, others can’t stop raving about it and I just had to decide for myself if it’s worth it. Generally, I adore Too Faced’s eyeshadow palettes so my expectations were definitely high!

The packaging of the Sweet Peach palette is way too adorable. The cardboard box, the ombre peach-embossed tin, it’s all way too darn cute. The palette is made out of the same (sturdy) metal material as their other chocolate palettes and it also has the same size. It comes with a small but decent mirror and closes magnetically.

I’m all for scent and food inspired makeup, which is why I had to add this peachy palette to my collection as well. Plus, the peach ‘mascot’ is just too cute to pass up on, isn’t it??

Brand’s description:

Be sweet as a peach with these fresh-picked shades infused with the juicy scent and antioxidant-rich essence of peach. Create endless looks with 18 shades of peachy pinks, corals, bronzes, and pops of purples that will have you looking summer-fresh year-round. Includes our signature Glamour Guide with three looks to get your started.

Overall, the Sweet Peach palette is very warm and neutral, with a few pops of peach here and there. When I first opened this beauty, I was definitely surprised at how there are actually not that many peachy shades in here for a peach palette. I do love how each of the pans has the same exact size and that there are more shades in here than their chocolate palettes.

❤ White Peach: a light beige with a satin finish.
❤ Luscious: a medium warm coppery brown with a metallic finish.
❤ Just Peachy: a medium warm rosy pink with a golden shimmery finish.
❤ Bless Her Heart: a muted medium to dark warm olive green with a frosted sheen.
❤ Tempting: a warm blackened brown with a pearly sheen.
❤ Charmed, I’m Sure: a muted medium to dark warm brown with a semi-matte finish.

The first row is definitely my favorite when it comes to pigmentation and quality. White Peach was very smooth and blendeable and I love this shade to use a brow-bone highlight. Luscious, Just Peachy and Bless Her Heart were very buttery and applied beautifully onto my eyelids. Tempting & Charmed, I’m Sure felt very creamy and I was really pleased with their color pay-off! 

❤ Nectar: a light to medium warm yellow gold with a frosted sheen.
❤ Cobbler: a medium to dark warm reddish brown with a pearly sheen.
❤ Candied Peach: a muted orange with a hint of pink and micro-glitter.
❤ Bellini: a light to medium warm peachy pink with a golden shimmer and frosted finish.
❤ Peach Pit: a dark warm reddish brown with a pearly finish.
❤ Delectable: a dark warm purple burgundy with a matte to satin finish.

Nectar had a very soft texture but was a little bit sheer when applied onto the lids. Cobbler & Peach Pit were easy to blend with a buttery smooth texture. Candied Peach was a little bit powdery, but easy to work with. Bellini had amazing color pay-off and felt very smooth and soft. Delectable was a little bit patchy and harder to blend, but it still had amazing pigmentation.

❤ Peaches ‘n Cream: a light yellow peach with a matte finish.
❤ Georgia: a medium warm peachy orange with a matte finish.
❤ Caramelized: a medium to dark warm bronze with a frosted sheen.
❤ Puree: a muted medium warm reddish caramel brown with a matte finish.
❤ Summer Yum: a medium to dark warm reddish brown with a matte finish.
❤ Talk Derby To Me: a blackened purple with a sparkle and satin sheen.

Peaches ‘n Cream & Georgia were very soft but a tad bit powdery and sheer. Caramelized was very pigmented, smooth and applied very easily. Puree & Summer Yum were really pigmented and smooth considering they’re matte shadows and they’re perfect to apply into the crease. Talk Derby To Me wasn’t super pigmented and was a little bit dry and powdery. This one definitely needs a darker base underneath.

The pigmentation of these shades is insane, with a few exceptions here and there, but overall the color pay-off was amazing! Some of the shades were a little bit patchy, but most of them were very smooth and blended effortlessly onto my lids.

The formula of these eyeshadows isn’t very consistent. Some are great and have a buttery soft texture but others were a little bit chunky or dry. Luckily, most of the shadows belong to the first category and were really amazing. There was almost no powder kick-up or fall-out with these shadows either.

On me, the shadows in this palette last a really long time. Applied on top of my eyeshadow primer, these shadows aren’t going anywhere throughout the day and they don’t smudge or crease either.

Although the color selection in this palette is gorgeous, I think there aren’t enough peachy shades considering this is called the ‘Sweet Peach’ palette. Sure, there are some pretty purples, even an olive and blue shade, but I think Too Faced could’ve done so much more with peachy hues. I’m also missing a darker matte peachy brown to darken up any look.

You can definitely get very creative with this palette and create a bunch of different eyeshadow looks from neutral to more intense. Now, considering my skin-tone is very light at the moment, I’m wondering how people with dark skin-tones would like this palette. There are definitely not enough dark shades for them to create more intense looks, which is why I don’t think this palette is very universal.

The palette has a sweet peachy scent, but I only notice it when I get really close and sniff it. The smell is also quite noticeable when you’re applying the shadows, but luckily it fades away almost instantly on the eyes. I personally don’t mind the scent, I actually really love it! But I can imagine that for some people the scent might be too overpowering.

Also, something I noticed is that a few of these shadows look very similar to shadows Too Faced has put in past palettes, for example the Peanut Butter & Jelly eyeshadow palette, but also their chocolate palettes. 
It was really hard to narrow it down, but my favorite shades are definitely Bless Her Heart, Candied Peach, Luscious, Puree and Summer Yum
They really thought of every single details when it comes to the design of this palette, everything looks so freaking adorable! 
If you ever feel uninspired to come up with a look using this palette, they included a little folder that has three different looks with instructions on how to achieve them. 

I dedicated an entire video to this palette in which I shared two options / looks! So definitely check out that video if you’re interested in knowing how to create these looks and what shades I used from the palette.

All of the hype this palette is getting is somewhat warranted, but I do think the hype’s more about the peach theme and less about the actual eyeshadows. Don’t get me wrong, the eyeshadows are great and exactly what I’m used to from Too Faced. There are hits and misses but overall the quality and pigmentation is great. I just think if you were to put the content of this palette into a generic, boring compact and take away the scent, there wouldn’t be such a hype around it. I hope that makes any sense!

The Too Faced Sweet Peach eyeshadow palette is now available on the official Too Faced website here for $49 (17.1 g). If you live in Europe, you can order yours on here for €44, which I would totally recommend since you don’t have to pay any customs! I know €44 for an eyeshadow palette sounds like a lot of money (and it is a large sum), but considering you get 18 shadows, it comes down to about €2,5 per eyeshadow which is actually not bad at all!


  1. Sara
    January 20, 2017 / 21:12

    Aaahh yes! Ik zat stiekem al een beetje te wachten op deze review. Dit palette is zo ontzettend mooi om naar te kijken.
    Ik ben nog een beetje on the fence, eerst wou 'k hem niet kopen, dan weer wel, dan weer niet. Toen was het niet meer beschikbaar en had ik er mij bij neergelegd, en toen ineens… the return of the peach palette! Ik neig nu toch steeds meer naar de wél kopen-kant, 'k ga er anders toch de hele tijd spijt van hebben denk ik. 't Zijn wel mijn kleurtjes, warme & natuurlijke tinten, heel draagbaar.
    Inderdaad, best veel bruintinten voor een peach palette, wellicht om het toegankelijker te maken, een palette met voornamelijk perziktinten is misschien iets té gewaagd voor het grote publiek?

  2. January 21, 2017 / 23:56

    Wat een fijne uitgebreide review zeg! Dit is zo een mooi palette!

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