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Spring DM Drugstore Haul | Alverde & Balea | Eline Blaise

Spring DM Drugstore Haul | Alverde & Balea


Hey loves! I don’t know if you saw my video last week, but I posted a HUGE DM haul. If you’re unfamiliar with DM, it’s a German drugstore that has some of my favorite affordable skincare brands, Balea & Alverde. I always feel like a kid in the candy store whenever I’m there, but unfortunately I wasn’t the one who picked up these products this time. My mom had to be in Germany for work, so I gave her a little list of a few products I really wanted. Here’s everything she picked up for me!



Alverde Highlighter Illuminating Powder €3,95

Alverde Color & Care Lipstick in ’03 Rosy Nude’ €3,45

Alverde Lip Cream in ’10 Brown Harmony’ €2,95

Alverde Tinted Lipbalm in ‘Apricot’ €2,95

Balea Lip Balm in ‘Crazy Coco’ €0,65


Balea Foaming Hand Soap in ‘Tropical Paradise’ €1,25

Balea Foaming Hand Soap in ‘Garden of Eden’ €1,25

Alverde Coconut Body Butter €2,95

Balea After-Sun Shower Gel €0,85

Alverde Aloe Vera After-Sun Body Lotion €3,25

Balea Shower Foam in ‘Hawaiian Dream’ €1,95

Balea Shower Peeling €1,45

Balea 5 in 1 Protection Deodorant €0,85

Balea Hand Cream Cake My Day €0,55

Balea Shower Gel They See Me Rollin’ €0,55

Balea Body Lotion Cosmo Cat €0,65


Balea Micellar Water €2,95

Alverde Rose Water Face Spray €2,45

Balea Makeup Remover Oil €2,45

Alverde Beauty & Fruity Apple Peeling €2,45

Alverde Beauty & Fruity Apple Micellar Water €2,75

Alverde Olive Face Oil €6,95

Alverde Olive Eye Cream €6,95


Balea Invisible Power Hair Spray €0,85

Balea Dry Shampoo in ‘Sweet Melon’ €1,95

Balea Poppyseed Shampoo €0,95

Balea Poppyseed Conditioner €0,95

Balea Coconut Water Shampoo €0,95

Balea Coconut Water Conditioner €0,95

Are you familiar with Alverde or Balea?

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