Zoeva Pure Velours Lips (Pale Plethora & Natural Aesthetic) | Review

It’s no secret that I adore Zoeva as a brand. I’m a huge fan of their brushes, lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes, which you probably already know by now. I’m always very interested in every new launch by Zoeva and I try to be quick when it comes to reviewing their new items. Now, it seems to be a trend these days for every single brand out there to release their own version of liquid lipsticks. Of course, Zoeva couldn’t miss out on that trend any longer and they released an entire line of Pure Velours Lips, which are basically matte liquid lipsticks. I decided to purchase two of them when they were having their 20% off black friday sale and now I’m finally reviewing these babies for you guys!

The lipsticks come in simple, yet chic clear plastic tubes with matte black lids. They’re quite tiny and perfect to throw into your handbag, even a small one! There’s a little sticker on the bottom which indicates the shades. I think this packaging looks very basic, but it has a nice elegancy to it. They’re also quite sturdy and not cheap feeling at all.

The Pure Velours Lips come in 8 different shades:
❤ All Is Calm
❤ Blue Blood
❤ Clear Message
❤ Faint Of Heart
❤ Matte Chat
❤ Natural Aesthetic
❤ Pale Plethora
❤ The Outsider

You can buy each of them individually, or purchase them together in the Pure Velours Box, which saves you about €19. I think that’s a lot of money you can save, especially if you would like to purchase them all or buy the set as a Christmas present (you could even split up the box into little stocking stuffers).

Zoeva on the Pure Velours Lips:

Soft as velvet, the ultra creamy ZOEVA Pure Velours Lips glides on the lips smoothly, exuding a sophisticated attitude. Combining intense color with a long-lasting formula that sets to a matte finish, the velvety, ultra matte liquid lipstick delivers supple and full lips in soft pinky nude.
The lipstick formulation is vegan, enriched with vitamin E and is 100% free of parabens, mineral oils, perfume, and phthalates. Made in Italy.

I decided to order the shades ‘Pale Plethora’ and ‘Natural Aesthetic’, which are both very neutral and pretty! As you can see, they’re also very intense with amazing pigmentation.

Pale Plethora

Pale Plethora is a soft warm pinky nude. I think this is a perfect nude shade that would look amazing on a lot of different skin-tones, which you don’t find very often! This shade did accentuate the lines in my lips just a little since it’s a lighter nude.

The formula is very mousse-like and doesn’t dry your lips out. It does set down on the lips and has a matte finish, but not overly matte to wear it starts to crumble off. It has a comfortable, lightweight finish and reminds me a bit of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams, only with better lasting-power. However, they’re not transfer-proof and you do have to completely reapply these after you have a drink or grab a bite to eat.

The applicator of the Pure Velours Lips is really different and unique. It’s quite tapered on both sides and has a nice pointy tip which makes it super easy to outline your lips first and then fill them in. The applicator also contains just the right amount of product to cover your entire lips.

I’m wearing the Zoeva Pure Velours Lips in ‘Pale Plethora’ on my lips.

Natural Aesthetic

Natural Aesthetic is a medium warm terracotta nude. Again, a very universally flattering shade that you can wear throughout the entire year. Natural Aesthetic didn’t accentuate any of the dry patches or fine lines on my lips. 
The formula of this one is exactly the same as Pale Phletora, so there’s definitely a consistency when it comes to the formulas. They don’t have any particular scent to them and I would say both of these have a medium lasting-power. They definitely don’t stay on throughout the entire day, you have to reapply them every 4-5 hours and after eating or drinking. But then again, they’re super comfortable to wear so that’s nothing unusual. 
The Pure Velours Lips glide onto your lips very effortlessly and apply super evenly without any streaks. Normally, one application is sufficient, but you could always build these up and apply another layer. 
I’m wearing the Zoeva Pure Velours Lips in ‘Natural Aesthetic’ on my lips.
Zoeva really killed it with the formula of the Pure Velours Lips! They’re very lightweight and comfortable to wear, they don’t dry out your lips and have a pretty matte finish. The only downside of them being quite comfy is that they don’t last all day like most liquid lipsticks. They start to fade away after a few hours and you definitely have to reapply after you eat or drink something.
The Zoeva Pure Velours Lips are now available on the official Zoeva website for €10,50 each (6.5 ml). Both Pale Plethora and Natural Aesthetic are beautiful shades and I love how they’re really affordable! 

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