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Zoeva recently released the Plaisir Box, which contains three eyeshadow palettes, one they already had in their collection and two new ones. I already reviewed the new Caramel Mélange palette in a previous post & today I’m going to talk all about the Blanc Fusion eyeshadow palette. I feel like I always mention this in every single one of my Zoeva reviews, but I love that brand so much. So far, everything I’ve tried from them has been amazing, affordable and the best part: they’re cruelty free! I think the Plaisir Box is the perfect gift set for any makeup lover, and if you live in Belgium and order this week, I think it would even arrive in time for Christmas!

The Blanc Fusion eyeshadow palette comes in a thin cardboard packaging, yet it feels very sturdy and durable. The design of the palette looks quite luxurious with the yellowish white and gold details which reminds me of a luxurious chocolate box. I guess that’s the theme they’re going for with these three palettes and I for one love it! For some reason, chocolate themed makeup always gets me. The palette comes in a cardboard sleeve that has the exact same design as the palette. Inside, each pan has the shade name written underneath, which I absolutely adore, especially being a beauty blogger!

Zoeva on the palette:

The irresistible ZOEVA Blanc Fusion Eyeshadow Palette unwraps a decadent repertoire of luxurious white chocolate hues, infused by milky Dulce de leche nuances and roasted almond shades, topped off with a shimmering tinge of golden honey. With their richly pigmented, velvety smooth formula, the matte and shimmering eyeshadows unfold gracefully on the finish, creating blissfully elegant makeup looks.

The Plaisir Box contains three eyeshadow palettes and retails for €60 (which saves you €6 if you would buy each individually):

The Blanc Fusion palette comes with a perfect mix of warm and cool tones and overall, it’s a pretty neutral palette with a few pops of color such as the yellow golds. There’s a nice variety of satins, mattes, metallics and pearl finishes. Unlike the previous palettes, this palette has the shimmers on top and the matte shades on the bottom, which I do prefer.

❤ Noble: a light pearly duo-chrome with a golden sheen.

❤ Single Origin: a light cool-toned gold with a shimmery finish.
❤ Visions Of Gold: a bright yellow gold with a satin finish.
❤ Late Bloomer: an orangy light copper with a metallic finish.
❤ Sweetness Lingers: a light bronze with taupe undertones and a metallic finish.

❤ Travel Inspired:a light creamy beige with a matte finish.
❤ Joy In A Box: a cool-toned light brown with a matte finish.
❤ Conched: a medium brown with a matte finish.
❤ Question Of Taste: a warm caramel brown with a matte finish.
❤ Last Bite: a cool-toned dark brown with a matte finish.

The First row consists of only shimmers and metallic shades. Noble is the perfect inner-corner highlight, while Single Origin works best applied on the eyelids. I did have to build it up, but the finish was very smooth. Visions Of Gold is definitely the most intense shade which had amazing color pay-off. Late Bloomer and Sweetness Lingers remind me of pressed pigments, they’re super intense and buttery.

The second row consist of only matte shadows. Travel Inspired is the perfect shade to set your primer and had amazing pigmentation considering it’s a lighter matte shadow. Joy In A Box, Conched and Question Of Taste are perfect transition and crease shades that blended very smoothly into my crease and were very soft as well. Last Bite is perfect to darken up the crease and again, blended like a dream but I wish it was more intense and a tad bit darker.

The formula of these shadows is extremely soft and buttery. They don’t feel dry or powdery, but feel velvety soft and as a result, these shadows blend effortlessly on the eyelids. Both the mattes and shimmers had amazing pigmentation, especially the metallics blew my mind away. They don’t kick up too much powder, but you do have to be careful for some fall-out when applying these shadows.

The lasting-power of these shadows is amazing as well. When I use a primer underneath, which I always do, these shadows will last all day long on me without creasing or smudging. I could wear my makeup up to 10-12 hours and my eye makeup would still be poppin’!

Although I’m in love with every single shadow in this palette, I do miss more variety in the shades. You’re very limited when it comes to creating a look with this palette and I would personally grab another palette to combine this with and have more options.

What I also love about this palette is that the eyeshadows are enriched with Vitamin E and are free of parabens, mineral oils, perfume and phthalates.
My personal favorite shades are definitely Joy In A Box, which is the perfect transition shade, Visions Of Gold and Sweetness Lingers, which I love to wear on my eyelids.
Wearing the Zoeva Blanc Fusion Eyeshadow Palette on my eyes (tutorial)
If I had to compare both of the newest palettes by Zoeva, I think the Caramel Mélange is still my favorite out of the two. However, the Blanc Fusion eyeshadow palette is equally amazing and the quality is definitely the same. The shades are just less versatile and there’s a bigger chance of you needing to use another palette in conjunction with this one to create a look. I still think it’s a beautiful palette and it’s definitely more out of my comfort zone!
The Zoeva Blanc Fusion eyeshadow palette is available on the official Zoeva website here for €21,80 (15 g). I think that’s a reasonable price considering you get 10 gorgeous eyeshadows in a beautiful packaging and with great quality! 


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