Colourpop Out & About Lip Bundle (Ultra Matte Lips ‘Viper’ & ‘Times Square’, Ultra Satin Lip ‘Baracuda’) | Review

I feel like I have been posting way too many Colourpop reviews these past couple of weeks. That’s because they launch new products way too often and it’s hard to keep up. I always want to post my reviews in time for you to still get your hands on the actual products I’m talking about, and with Colourpop you just have to be fast. Today, I’m excited to share the Out & About lip bundle which they released about a month ago. This lip bundle comes with three of their Fall lip products, which you already know I’m a huge fan of! So if you’re interested in knowing my opinion on these babies, then just keep on reading!

The three lipsticks come in their regular white cardboard boxes which are snugged into a cardboard sleeve. The sleeve has a beautiful pink and gold fan-patterned design which says ‘Colourpop’ on the front, but the actual name of this bundle is nowhere to be found on the packaging, which kind of sucks in my opinion! The Ultra Satin Lip and Ultra Matte Lips come in the same tubes as their regular ones with silver details and transparant tubes.

The Out & About lip bundle comes with the following three shades:
❤ Viper (Ultra Matte Lip)
❤ Times Square (Ultra Matte Lip)
❤ Baracuda (Ultra Satin Lip)

Since this set contains three of the Fall 2016 lippies, the shades are quite dark and perfect for the Fall and Winter time!

Viper Ultra Matte Lip

Viper is a dark warm plum with a matte finish. On me, this shade tends to look very purple and different than what it looks like in the actual tube or swatched. However, I do really like this shade since it’s the perfect purple vampy lip!

The formula was very liquid but dried down within a minute, which was easy to work with. It had an opaque color-off and had amazing pigmentation, which is why I only needed one to two layers to perfect it on my lips. The texture was a bit dry, but not overly drying on my lips and it didn’t accentuate the fine lines on my lips all too much either. The lasting-power was average, it stayed on my lips for about 6 hours.

The applicator of all three of these lippies is a dense dough-footh one which distributes the color nicely and makes it easy to get that defined line since it’s not overly fluffy.

I’m wearing the Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in ‘Viper’ on my lips.

Baracuda Ultra Satin Lip

Baracuda is a deep warm-toned reddish plum with a satin finish. This is such a beautiful shade on my skin-tone, it has the perfect amount of plum without looking overly purple or berry-toned.

Compared to the other Ultra Satin Lips, Baracuda definitely had less of that shiny formula, but it still looked and felt like a satin. The texture was very smooth and opaque with amazing pigmentation and color pay-off. It applied evenly on my lips and didn’t emphasize the texture on my lips all too much. As with all of the USL, this one wore very comfortably without feeling overly drying. The lasting-power is average since the USL tend to transfer just a bit. On my lips, Baracuda stayed in place for about 5 hours before I had to reapply. I also had to reapply after dinner.

I’m wearing the Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip in ‘Baracuda’ on my lips.

Times Square Ultra Matte Lip

Times Square is a muted medium rosy beige with a matte finish. At first, I thought this would look more of a nude on me, but on my lips it tends to look a bit darker, which happens to me all the time!

The formula of Times Square was very runny but it dried down to a matte finish within seconds. The color was very opaque and the pigmentation was on point. I only needed about one layer and it applied very effortlessly onto my lips. However, this one tended to emphasize the fine lines on my lips just a tad bit. The lasting-power was amazing, I didn’t have to touch it up until about 6 to 7 hours of wear.

I’m wearing the Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in ‘Times Square’ on my lips.

These swatches look absolutely gorgeous and quite pigmented as well! Mind you, they weren’t completely dry when I shot the picture, which is why there might still be a slight sheen noticeable.

At first, I purchased this set mainly because I wanted to have Times Square in my collection. But now that I have tried the entire set, I can honestly tell you I’m in love with all three of the shades! I think Viper is my least favorite out of the three because it looks very purple on me, but nonetheless it’s still a gorgeous shade. Although Time Square tended to accentuate the fine lines just a little bit, the quality of these lippies is amazing and they have a beautiful matte and satin finish!

The Colourpop Out & About Lip Bundle is available on the Colourpop website here for $15 (3.2 g x 3). That means you save $3 when buying this set, since the UML & USL usually retail for $6 each. In my opinion, $15 for three full-size Colourpop lip products is such a steal!


  1. December 27, 2016 / 23:37

    Ze zien er prachtig uit!

  2. Sara
    December 28, 2016 / 21:01

    Hele mooie kleuren, staan je ook super goed! Zelf heb ik nog een beetje "drempelvrees" voor opvallendere kleuren te dragen,dus ik kies meestal voor een veilige nude… nochtans vind ik ze wel heel mooi.

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