P2 Volume Gloss Gel Look Polish (‘Clue Mapper’) | Review

To me, olive green is the ultimate Fall color. I adore wearing olive green during this time of year, especially on my nails. I think it adds such a cool touch and it just looks so pretty! So when I was shopping at DM in Germany the other day, I stumbled upon this beautiful olive green nail polish from P2, which is a formula I’ve really enjoyed in the past. And even though I have more than enough nail polishes to last me a lifetime, I decided to pick it up anyways!

The bottle of this nail polish has a square shape and silver details. I love that they’re so easy to store and you’re able to see the shade from above thanks to this packaging. I know this sounds silly, but since I own so many nail polishes by now, it’s always nice when you’re able to see the actual nail polish shade when the bottles are sitting in your drawer.

Clue Mapper is a beautiful forrest olive green shade that is absolutely perfect for Fall! This formula has a glossy finish, which makes it look like a gel polish. The consistency is absolutely perfect, it’s not too liquid and dries relatively fast.

The applicator is nice and large, which makes it easy to coat each nail with just two or three strokes.

However, the lasting-power isn’t the best ever, unlike the other shades I’ve tried from this range. On my nails, Clue Mapper usually starts to chip on the second day, which is quite fast. I have to reapply this shade often and I wish it has a better lasting power! But I do love this formula and shade so much!

The P2 Volume Gloss Gel Look Polish is only available at DM in Germany, which is such a bummer!! If you live in Germany, you can order it online here for €1,95 (12 ml), but unfortunately the DM website doesn’t ship outside of Germany. However, if you happen to go to Germany or know someone who is, P2 is an amazing brand and DM is such a fun store for any beauty enthousiast, definitely check it out!

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  1. October 31, 2016 / 15:22

    Het is echt een heel uniek kleurtje maar dat maakt hem wel erg mooi!

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