I have never been someone to keep a journal, I never take the time to actually sit down and write about my day. But when I heard about this Q&A book, I thought it was the perfect thing for me. I fell in love with the cover to begin with, it looks like an old book my grandfather used to have in his bookshelf. If you’re not familiar with this book/journal, this is how it works: there are 365 questions in this book, one for each day. After one year, you have to go back and write your answer again, this for 5 years in a row. That way, you can see how you evolved throughout the years and it’s the perfect time capsule of 5 years in your life. Now that I think about, 5 years is actually a really long time but I’m sure once this book is completely filled in, I’ll be like, wow, those 5 years went by so fast. The questions vary, there are simple questions like “Where do you live?” but also deeper questions, for example “Who are you?”. I’m so happy with this journal! I smile every time I answer the question of the day because I know in one year I’ll be reading it again and maybe laugh at my answers.

Q&A book €14,99 available here.


  1. August 13, 2014 / 07:57

    dat boekje wil ik ook graag het is zo'n cutie en leuk om altijd terug te lezen zoiets! liefs x

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