Makeup Geek Full Spectrum Mint Eye Liner Pencil

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Now that Spring has arrived, I had a few makeup looks in mind that I wanted to create. Something I really wanted to do, was apply a mint eyeliner in my waterline, or use mint as a winged liner. And even though I own so much makeup, a mint eyeliner pencil or even gel liner, was something I didn’t own. So when I saw that Makeup Geek released their Full Spectrum eye liner pencils that came in mint green as well, I decided to order my first mint eyeliner pencil.

First of all, I think the box that the pencil comes in is so pretty! I love the design they did with the chevron rose gold and colorful pink and ombré green. The pencil itself looks very basic. It has a silver metallic cap and the pencil comes in the same color as the actual liner. These pencils aren’t retractible, which means you do have to sharpen these once they run out. The pencil contains 1,2 g of product.

The Full Spectrum Eye Liner Pencil is available in 10 different shades:
❤ Ocean
❤ Spice
❤ Orchid
❤ Mint
❤ Plumeria
❤ Nude
❤ Royal
❤ Cobalt
❤ Espresso
❤ Obsidian

hairpieces for men

All about the Full Spectrum eye liner pencils:

Define your line. Ultra creamy and richly pigmented, Makeup Geek Full Spectrum Eye Liner Pencils apply effortlessly to create a vibrant display of color on the lids. Choose from a full spectrum of color—available in 10 dynamic shades.

Mint is a creamy pastel green with a matte finish. I think this shade is absolutely gorgeous and the PERFECT shade for Spring, just to add a subtle pop of color.

This pencil is so soft and creamy and has an amazing color pay-off. The pigmentation is on point as well. I just think that because these are so creamy, they don’t have the best lasting power. This glides on my eyes like butter, but on my waterline it just doesn’t work for me. I have to go over my waterline several times before is actually shows up and after about an hour or two it’s already gone.

For me, these pencils work better on the actual eyelid, as a winked eyeliner or eyeshadow base for example. But I just can’t wear these on my waterline, which is why I initially purchased this so that really sucks.

Makeup Geek is a cruelty-free brand, which is one of the many things I adore about them. All of their products are Paraben free, as well as the Full Spectrum eye liner pencils.

It’s so strange but I just can’t decide how I really feel about this eyeliner pencil. I adore the shade and how it applies because it’s so creamy and pigmented. But I feel like it’s not long-lasting at all, especially on the waterline. After about 2 hours it’s barely noticeable and it’s as if it disappeared, so weird! To be honest, I was expecting this eyeliner to be amazing, but it sort of let me down. I think Makeup Geek is a fantastic brand and I have loved all of their products I tried so far. This just wasn’t my favorite ever, especially since I expected more from them. If this was a €2 eyeliner pencil from Essence or any other low-budget brand I would say, try it! But with this, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it.

The Makeup Geek Full Spectrum Eye Liner Pencils are now available on here for $9 (1,20 g). They’re also available on here for €9,60, which is where I purchased mine. I would totally recommend BeautyBay if you live in Europe, because you don’t have to pay any import fees plus if you spend €19 or more you get free shipping!

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