Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks | ‘Androgyny’ & ‘I’m Nude’

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I have been following Jeffree Star on Instagram for about a year and was always so intrigued with his personality and overall persona. He always slays the game and I can’t help but stare every single time I come across one of his Instagram pics or videos. He’s absolutely hilarious, and he’s also an amazing makeup artist. When I found out he was releasing his own cosmetics line, I knew I had to try it out at some point. It wasn’t until he released the 2015 Christmas collection, which had about 4 liquid lipsticks in it, that I became obsessed with one of the shades. Androgyny immediately caught my eye but unfortunately it was sold-out, which made me so sad because I fell in love with that shade. But then he decided to make Androgyny a permanent shade and I wasn’t going to miss out on it again. The release date was somewhere in February and I was able to get my hands on it, along with another nude shade.

The Velour liquid lipsticks come in a bright pink box that has rose-gold stars on it. The liquid lipsticks themselves come in transparant plastic tubes, that have the same pink and rose-gold details on it. These tubes are rather small, but definitely a lot thicker than the usual liquid lipstick. They feel very luxurious and high-end. The name of each lipstick is printed on a sticker, which is found at the bottom of the lipsticks.

I’m Nude is a very pale tan nude. Even though I own a lot of liquid lipsticks, something I was missing was a pretty soft nude, which is why I decided to try I’m Nude. I must say I adore this shade, but it looks so so so streaky on my lips! I don’t know if my lips were just very dry that day, but I hated how streaky it looked and how it emphasized the fine lines.

Although I’m Nude didn’t work as a lipstick on its own, I do really love this shade to apply lightly over darker liquid lipsticks to make them look less dark and softer.

Androgyny is a darker sultry plum mauve. This shade is so so so stunning!! I’m not kidding, every single time I wear this shade, I get at least 2 compliments.

Androgyny was part of Jeffree’s Christmas collection, but it was so popular that he decided to bring it back as part of his permanent line. I’m so happy he did because this shade is so unique! I do have to say that I feel like it looks darker on my skin-tone than it does on others, or maybe it’s just me.

In the swatches above, the formula wasn’t completely dry yet, but you can see how opaque and stunning they are! These dry down to a completely matte finish that last for hours on the lips and if you’re careful even the entire day. In comparison to my other liquid lipsticks, this formula goes on very liquid, which is why I would recommend shaking them a little bit before application. The dough-foot of the Velour liquid lipsticks makes it very easy to apply these. They also dry relatively fast, which is what I like because I hate when liquid lipsticks are tacky and sticky for a while.
Okay so I don’t really understand why nobody ever talks about this, but these lipsticks smell awful! The scent reminds me of cat urine, but it’s only noticeable if you smell the wand up close. Luckily, it doesn’t linger onto the lips because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to wear these.
The packaging they came in looks freaking amazing! So edgy and definitely Jeffree’s style! All of Jeffree Star’s products are vegan and cruelty-free, which is incredible.
When it comes down to the formula, these are hands-down my favorite liquid lipsticks ever. They’re comfortable, super opaque and long-lasting. The only thing I don’t really like is the scent, but luckily it fades away on the lips. Androgyny is definitely my favorite shade out of the two, even out of all my  liquid lipsticks, which a pretty bold statement coming from me. I’m Nude wasn’t really my favorite because it looked really streaky on my lips, but as a topper over other darker lipsticks, it works just fine!
The only down-side to these beauties is that they’re constantly sold-out. As far as I know, they’re only available on two ‘official’ online shops. You can purchase the Velour Liquid Lipsticks on and for $18. I purchased mine on simply because you can pay the import fees in advance and if you spend over $50, shipping to Belgium is free. They charge about 20% customs and I made a combined order that was over $50, which made each liquid lipstick about €18-19, which is relatively affordable! If you’re interested in getting any of Jeffree’s velour liquid lipsticks, I would suggest putting your email on the list so you get notified whenever it’s coming back in stock!

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  1. May 30, 2016 / 17:51

    What a great and thorough review! I've been very interested in these liquid lipsticks, hence the matte lip craze, but import fees to Belgium are what always holds me back. I'm glad you mentioned they have that bad of a smell, I'm very sensitive to scents and the 'cat urine' is not something I would take lightly haha. Xxx 🙂

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