Colourpop Lippie Stix (Cookie, Lumière & Frenchie)

I’m sorry for the lack of variety in my posts lately, I know I’ve been doing a lot of reviews but I just love writing them. I promise I’ll be doing some more different posts soon! But for today’s review I wanted to talk about the Lippie Stix by Colourpop, which have been my current obsession. I’ve been wearing these or a liquid lipstick lately and nothing else. I just love the matte finish of these and above all the shades and quality. If you’re curious in knowing more about these beauties, keep on reading! 

The Lippie Stix come in these simple white sticks. The lipstick itself is retractable and it has a color indication on the top. It also has a color indication on the bottom, along with the name of the shade. It has silver light-reflecting details and I think it looks quite nice. It’s not the most unique packaging ever, but I like how sleek and simple it looks. 

The Lippie Stix are available in a ton of different shades and also finishes. I purchased 3 matte shades since I’ve been wearing all matte shades lately. 

Cookie is a beige nude shade with a matte finish. This is one of those lip colors that would suit a lot of different skin-tones and would look amazing paired with a more dramatic smokey eye. 

Lumière is a dusty pinkish mauve with a matte finish. This shade was created in collaboration with Kathleen Lights and she is one of my favorite youtubers ever. From the moment I saw this shade on her lips I was sold. The only thing with this shade is that it looks very differently depending on who wears it. On me, it has a more berry undertone than on others.

Frenchie is a bright neon red. It’s the perfect classic red lipstick, at least for me. Even though it has a orange undertone, this shade doesn’t really make my teeth look more yellow. Frenchie is definitely one of my favorite red lipsticks I own. 

Even though all 3 shades are matte shades, these Lippie Stix are really creamy and smooth and they’re super comfortable to wear. They’re not drying and they’re relatively long-lasting. I would say they last on my lips for about 5 hours and afterwords my lips are left with a subtle stain and wash of color. You might have to reapply these Lippie Stix after enjoying a meal, but I find that happens with most lipsticks (or maybe I just can’t eat properly). They all have amazing color pay-off and I’m just obsessed with these! 

I think these matte Lippie Stix are some of the best matte lipsticks out there and they’re so affordable! I adore all 3 shades I got and I just can’t stop wearing them! And the best part? Colourpop is a cruelty-free brand which is definitely something I’ve been more aware of recently. 

I can’t express how much I think it sucks that Colourpop doesn’t ship to Europe, ahhh!! But I still wanted to post about this brand in case some of you get the chance to order a few things from them. The Lippie Stix are available on for $5 each and contain 1 g of product. These are some of the best matte lipsticks I own and they’re so cheap, how is this even possible?? 


  1. November 4, 2015 / 17:29

    Wat klinken ze fijn! Erg jammer dat Colourpop niet naar Europa verzend..

  2. November 5, 2015 / 11:00

    Ik kende het merk nog niet en jammer dat ze niet naar Europa verzenden want ik vind ze er heel goed uitzien!

  3. November 11, 2015 / 09:55

    Deze lijken me zo zo zo zo zo fijn! Ik wil ze ook echt zo enorm graag proberen. Ik hoop dat mijn hotel in LA volgend jaar me toestaat dingen te bestellen want dan bestel ik ze hoor haha.

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