Dose Of Colors ‘Truffle’ & ‘Coral Crush’ Liquid-Matte Lipsticks

I have been obsessed with liquid lipsticks for a hot minute now, I just can’t seem to stop myself. I haven’t touched my regular lipsticks or glosses in a really long time. I just love how liquid lipsticks have a super matte finish and the fact that they stay on for hours and hours. Once I got home from my trip to California and I was looking through all my makeup purchases I noticed how many liquid lipsticks I bought, it’s actually pretty insane. One of those purchases were these two liquid lipsticks by the brand Dose Of Colors. I had heard so many amazing things about their liquid lipsticks that I decided to pick up two shades and try them out for myself. 

These liquid lipsticks come in a frosted matte glass container with white and silver detailing. In comparison to most liquid lipsticks, the packaging of these is rather small and compact but they contain about the same amount of product (4,5g). Personally, I adore this packaging. There’s something about it that I really like. I guess I like the design and the fact that they’re smaller. 

The Liquid-Matte lipsticks by Dose Of Color are available in 10 different shades and honestly, I would buy every single one of them! They’re all so gorgeous and rather unique! But of course I didn’t purchase 10 liquid lipsticks. I decided to pick up 2 shades, Truffle and Coral Crush.

Truffle is a beautiful brownish nude shade with mauve undertones. I think this shade would complement so many different skin-tones, from fair to darker skin-tones. Truffle has a really nice color pay-off and one coat was more than enough to get an opaque lip. 

I really love the applicators of these liquid lipsticks, not too small or big, they’re the perfect size and they’re also super soft. 

It takes about a minute for these to dry completely matte. Once it dried, it did accentuate my fine lines a little bit, but nothing too crazy or that I’m not used to with other liquid lipsticks. I wore Truffle to school the other day and it stayed on my lips for about 5-6 hours. Once I ate something it started crumbling off on the inside just a little bit, but it was still wearable, just a little less intense. 

Coral Crush is a bright neon red shade with coral undertones. This might not be the shade for everyone, but I really adore this. Again, Coral Crush had an amazing color pay-off as well, just one coat and you’re good to go.

Coral Crush stayed on my lips for about 6 hours and it did the same thing as with Truffle whenever I ate something. It started crumbling just a little bit on the inside, but it was still wearable. 

These liquid lipsticks have a really nice scent to them as well. They smell like minty tic-tac’s but in very subtle way. It definitely fades away after you apply these to your lips. 

Overall I’m really pleased with the quality of these liquid lipsticks! Even though liquid lipsticks aren’t usually the most comfortable things to wear, these ones are relatively comfortable and they don’t feel like paint on the lips. They applied evenly without any patchiness or dryness and they stay on the lips for hours. And the best part? They’re cruelty free, gluten free, paraben free and vegan

The Dose of Colors Liquid-Matte lipsticks are available on the Dose of Colors website for $18 (4,5g) which is a decent price. It’s not easy finding good affordable liquid lipsticks but these ones are fairly priced if you ask me. They do ship internationally and if you stay under the €25 mark, you don’t have to pay any additional customs or duty fees, only the shipping costs. 


  1. October 18, 2015 / 14:29

    prachtige kleuren! Zelf wil ik ook nog altijd een paar 😀

  2. October 18, 2015 / 16:35

    Wauw, wat een prachtige kleuren zeg! Ik vind de matte finish erg mooi <3 X

  3. October 19, 2015 / 00:21

    You picked the prettiest colors x

  4. October 20, 2015 / 13:37

    Oh wauw wat zijn deze mooi zeg. Ik vind de verpakking ook heel erg chique!

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