Hot Makeup ‘Explore’ Red Carpet Ready Blush

Today I’m finally reviewing my first product I picked up in California! I’ve been working a ton on taking pictures of everything and I’m working on a haul video of everything I purchased in the US that is beauty related, so definitely keep an eye out for that! I will probably end up doing it in two separate videos because it’s just way too much to show you guys in one video. Also, I have been working really hard on a video for you guys that will probably be up in a few days and it is a Fall related video in which I finally talk haha! But enough about videos, today I’m reviewing this beautiful blush from the brand Hot Makeup. I had heard so many great things about this blush on Youtube and when I stumbled upon this brand at Naimie’s (makeup heaven!!) in Los Angeles, I decided to pick up this blush in the shade ‘Explore’.

The Red Carpet Ready blushes come in a dark brown, almost black packaging with the letter ‘H’ written in gold on the front. Once you open it up, you get a huge mirror inside and 5g of product. The packaging is very lightweight and doesn’t take up a lot of space, it’s actually really sleek and compact. I personally think it’s very expensive and luxurious looking. 

The Red Carpet Ready blushes come in 9 different shades and I purchased the one called ‘Explore’, which is the shade that immediately caught my eye in store.

Explore is a warm dusty peach with a matte finish. I think this is one of those peachy blushes that would look amazing on so many different skin-tones, even fair skin-tones could pull this off, you just have to use a little bit less product. 

As you can see in the swatch above, Explore is very pigmented and the quality is amazing!

Explore is one of those blushes you definitely don’t want to use too much product of at once. Since it is very pigmented, I suggest tapping off your brush and definitely don’t apply too much, you can always build it up if you want to. The texture of this blush is super soft and silky and it’s not too powdery. This blush stays on my cheeks throughout the day with just a little hint of fading around the 7 or 8 hours mark. 

I’m honestly so obsessed with this blush right now, I’ve been wearing it ever since I came back from my holiday! I think it’s such a flattering and beautiful shade and even though it is more on the peachy side, I think it’s perfect for Fall because it adds a nice warmth to the face. I also adore the quality of this blush, it’s perfection!

Hot Makeup is a brand that’s definitely more on the pricey side. Their Red Carpet Ready blushes retail for $21 (5g) which might seem really expensive but I think the quality is definitely worth it. Their blushes are also vegan, hypoallergenic and they’re formulated without paraben, fragrance, sulfate, phthalate or gluten, which is amazing. You can order Hot makeup on their website.


  1. October 2, 2015 / 18:00

    Wauw! 😀 Een supermooi product 🙂

  2. October 2, 2015 / 18:29

    Oh deze is zó mooi! En je look is ook prachtig

  3. October 4, 2015 / 09:01

    Wat een pigment! En ik vind dat gouden detail op het doosje ook leuk 🙂

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