Lucardi Jewelry: S. Oliver Rose Gold Arrow Ring

Lately, I’ve been enjoying wearing jewelry more often, and my collection has been growing and growing over the past couple of months. I love all kinds of jewelry, whether it’s silver or gold, as long  as it’s dainty and subtle. So when Lucardi contacted me and asked if I wanted to review one if their jewelry pieces I immediately said yes. Lucardi is an online jewelry retailer located in the Netherlands and they offer a wide selection of jewelry. From a low to high price point, silver, gold, even diamonds,… you name it, they have it.

When I was browsing through their rings, I immediately fell in love with this S. Oliver rose gold arrow ring. The ring is made out of sterling silver and coated with a layer of rose gold. Although I mentioned I adore all kinds of jewelry, I think rose gold has to be my favorite!

Lucardi offers free next day shipping, so it didn’t take long for my package to arrive. The ring came in a little box from S. Oliver but also a cardboard box with a Lucardi sticker, which made it more fun to open. It also came with a little thank you card, which I always appreciate since it adds a personal touch to any package.

At first, I was afraid the ring would be too bulky in real life, but it looks absolutely stunning! It’s dainty and small, which again, is just what I prefer. I love the little arrows and the zirconia make the ring look more luxurious and fancy.

Good news! The S. Oliver Rose Gold Arrow Ring normally retails for €65,99 but it’s currently on sale for €49,99. I’m super happy I’m able to add this ring to my collection, since I adore how it looks on me. I also think 50 euros for a sterling silver ring is such a steal! If you’re still looking for that perfect Christmas gift, Lucardi is definitely worth checking out since they offer so much affordable jewelry as well!

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