Italy Day 2

Hi guys! Yesterday we went to Verona for a day, the city of Romeo & Juliet. It’s a small and typical Italian city, very romantic. You can visit both Romeo and Juliet’s house, although the house that is supposed to be the house Romeo lived in is just a wall with a gate, nothing special at all. You can go inside Juliet’s house, but it was just too crowded and it has been renovated for more then 4 times, so it’s not the same anymore. I saw the famous balcony and the wall that people right their names on. There’s also an old Arena you can visit, a smaller version of the Colosseum you could say. Verona has some really nice shops as well, both local and bigger shops such as Zara & Stradivarius. We had dinner at a delicious Italian restaurant and after that we went back to Riva del Garda. Verona is definitely worth visiting, but in my opinion, one day is more than enough to see everything 🙂

The Arena

Casa di Guilietta (the famous balcony)

My delicious lunch: Spaghetti Carbonara
A little bit of shopping of course! 🙂


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