HoesjesOutlet.nl Donut, Ice Cream & Pink Stardust Phone Cases

Hey loves! Now that we’re halfway through Winter I’m already looking forward to Spring and I’ve been decorating my room here and there with some brighter colors. Aside from decorating my room, I also love to switch out my phone case to something a little bit more colorful and fun when Spring rolls around. I’ve been using the same transparent gold phone case for over 1,5 years now and I was just over it. I drop my phone daily, so that case was in desperate need of a replacement!

Luckily, Hoesjes-Outlet.nl recently contacted me asking if I wanted to try out a few of their phone cases and of course I said yes! They offer an innovative range of phone accessories, such as cases for the iPhone 6 & iPhone 7. I immediately browsed their website and found a few super cute transparent iPhone 6 phone cases, which are my favorite ones. I love when I’m still able to see the gold of my actual phone even when it’s covered with a case. Choosing which phone cases I was going for was hard, but I ended up picking three gorgeous cases!

iPhone 6 Donuts Softcase (€9,99)

Of course, the first case I picked out is one covered in pink donuts. If you know me at all, you know I adore everything pink and that donuts are the key to my heart. This softcase is partially transparent and is super light and flexible, yet sturdy. It doesn’t add a lot of weight or body to my phone, but at the same time my phone feels protected all around (except for the little side buttons).

iPhone 6 Pink Two Tone Stardust Case (€11,99)

The second phone case is the most girly and protective one out of the three I picked out. It has a two-tone pink ombré look to it that has little reflective stars and sparkle in it. Again, this one is partially transparent, flexible and sturdy. I definitely feel like this one covers my phone a bit better and that it’s the most durable case out of the three, but it does weigh the most as well. However, this case is still quite lightweight and it doesn’t make my iPhone feel enormous.

iPhone 6 Googly Eyed Ice Cream Softcase (€9,99)

Last but not least, I picked out this super adorable transparent ice cream case. The little ice creams also have moving eyes, which makes a little bit of noice when you shake your phone but nothing too annoying. This softcase feels almost identical to the donuts case, except for the fact that the ice cream eyes do stick out and this one covers both the side-buttons and bottom ‘inserts’.

I’m so excited about these phone cases, I wouldn’t even be able to pick out my favorite one! I adore that they’re transparent yet each one has a fun and colorful design. They feel sturdy, yet lightweight at the same time and I definitely trust these cases to protect my iPhone, even if I drop my phone almost daily.

All three of these phone cases are available on the Hoesjes Outlet website and they’re super affordable! They’re based in The Netherlands, but my package only took about two days to get here, which is super fast. They offer free shipping within The Netherlands (€1,5 to Belgium), have an amazing return policy and they offer a wide range of affordable phone accessories.

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