Colourpop Holiday 2016 Super Shock Shadows (Koosh, Tinsel & Sleigh) | Review

It’s becoming almost impossible to keep up with each and every one of Colourpop’s new releases. It feels as if they’re launching new products or collections every week and they keep on promoting all of these amazing deals, it’s hard to resist the temptation. That’s why I try to be quite selective and only order when there’s an amazing deal or new launch I’m really excited about. Their Holiday collection for 2016 was one of those releases I simply couldn’t miss up on. The Super Shock Shadow in ‘Koosh’ has been on my wishlist ever since Jaclyn Hill used it in a tutorial about a year ago, but it was a limited edition shade. So when I saw that they were going to bring back Koosh in their Holiday collection I immediately went online and made sure I wasn’t going to miss it again. And of course, I ordered two more shades from the collection!

The theme of this holiday collection is ‘Now Playing‘, which is quite appropriate for this time of year! The collection consists of single lip products, shadows, highlighters and different kinds of sets.

The packaging of the Holiday Super Shock Shadows is very different than their regular ones. Instead of the classic plastic white compacts with transparant lids, these come in black compacts which really stands out. The cardboard boxes also have a different blue and white design. I really adore how they didn’t go for the obvious with this holiday collection, it’s quite different!

I decided to contain myself and only purchase three single shadows from the collection, and for once I didn’t buy the same neutral shades I always do! They look very promising, don’t they??

‘Koosh’ Super Shock Shadow

Koosh is a light to medium icy silver with taupe undertones and a metallic finish. This is definitely my favorite shade I picked up! It’s the perfect New Year’s Eve shade, or just to wear when you want to look extra fancy and dressed up.

Koosh is very pigmented and has amazing color pay-off. The formula‘s very soft and a little bit wet feeling and was super easy to apply using my fingertips. Koosh isn’t sheer at all and looked beautiful applied onto my lids! The lasting-power was amazing as well, it didn’t smudge or have any fall-out throughout the day.

‘Tinsel’ Super Shock Shadow

Tinsel is a medium icy lavender with mauve undertones and a metallic finish. I feel like this shade is the most dupable and similar to shades from Colourpop’s permanent range. However, I do think it’s a pretty shade and I adore that it looks very icy and frosted!

Tinsel has great color pay-off and pigmentation, with an opaque color. The formula was smooth and applied beautifully and evenly on the eyelids. The lasting-power was amazing as well, it stayed in place all day long with minimal fallout.

‘Sleigh’ Super Shock Shadow

Sleigh is a medium icy olive green with a metallic finish. I adore how this shade almost looks like a silver but has that hint of olive in it. It’s definitely a unique shade I didn’t own before!

Again, the color pay-off and pigmentation is close to perfect. The formula was very smooth and almost slick feeling, it felt very wet when I swirled my fingers in the pan. Sleigh applied beautifully onto my eyelids, but I did have to build it up slightly. The lasting-power was great as well, but I did notice just a hint of fall-out by the end of the day.

Don’t these shades just scream Holiday and Winter to you?? I adore how each of these shades has that frosted icy look to them and apart from Tinsel, they’re quite unique and different as well. When it comes to pigmentation and color pay-off, I think we can all agree there’s nothing bad to say either.

If you haven’t tried out any of the Colourpop Super Shock Shadows, you’re missing out big time! They have a cream to powder texture that applies the most intense when you use your fingertips to apply them. With the darker shades you can use a brush without loosing any intensity, but with the lighter ones it’s difficult to get that intensity. They don’t crease, smudge, budge or have any fall-out throughout the day. They’re just amazing and effortless.

I’m wearing the Violet Voss x LauraLee Eyeshadow Palette in my crease and outer V & the Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in ‘Sleigh’ on my eyelids.

As always, there’s nothing bad I can say about these shadows and I’m OBSESSED with the shades! They’re very metallic and icy, which makes these the perfect shadows for the holiday season. My favorite one is definitely Koosh, but they’re all amazing to be honest. The quality and pigmentation is superbe and they stay in place all day long!

The Colourpop Holiday 2016 collection is now available on their website, but keep in mind that this collection is limited edition. Koosh, Tinsel and Sleigh are available to purchase individually for $5 each (2.1 g), which is actually super affordable!

Have you tried anything from Colourpop’s Holiday 2016 collection?


  1. Sara
    December 23, 2016 / 20:13

    Super mooi! Ik heb zelf enkel Tinsel (1e en enige Colourpop super shock shadow), maar nu wil ik die andere eigenlijk ook wel. Misschien wordt het een kerstcadeautje voor mezelf.
    Ik denk trouwens dat Tinsel wel eens de star van een feestlook kan worden de komende dagen 🙂 . Zo mooi met die glitters! Heb op jouw aanraden de NYX glitter primer gekocht, dus dan kan ik die meteen ook testen.
    Prettige feesten & groetjes!

    • December 27, 2016 / 16:14

      Ben eens benieuwd wat je van de NYX glitter primer vindt! Ook voor jou prettige feesten Sara! Liefs x

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