Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits (Kristen, Exposed & Maliboo) | Review & Dupes

I’ve been wondering what all the hype is all about when it comes to Kylie Jenner’s cosmetics line for so long now. I just couldn’t justify spending that much money on makeup, it’s absolutely insane to me. But of course, as a beauty blogger and makeup addict, I just had to know what all the fuss is about. Every single time someone was talking about her liquid lipsticks I just got more and more curious until I finally decided I had to give into my FOMO and try a few shades out for myself. I placed an order with a friend so that we could split the shipping costs and I purchased two shades, Exposed and Maliboo  (my friend was nice enough to let me review her Kristen as well!).

I think the packaging of Kylie’s lip kits have grown to be so iconic nowadays and I must admit, I think the design on the boxes is quite badass! The dripping lips match the shade of the lipstick, as well as the outside of the boxes. Each lip kit comes with a liquid lipstick and matching lip liner. The liquid lipsticks come in clear tubes with black details and again, the dripping effect. The shade name is indicated on the bottom of each tube. The lip liners come in a black packaging with silver details and the bottom matches the shade of the liner. These liners aren’t retractible so you do have to sharpen them but they aren’t your typical ‘pencil’ liners. If you’ve tried Colourpop’s lip liners before, they’re almost identical.

Talking about Colourpop, I’m not going to go into too much detail, but yes both companies are owned by the same parent company and I do think the formulas are oddly similar.

Kristen is a warm berry / reddish brown. It has a matte finish and looks absolutely stunning! Kristen applied evenly without any streaks or patchiness and didn’t accentuate fine lines too much.

The formula is quite comparable to Colourpop’s Ultra Matte Lips, as well as the applicator. The formula is very liquid but dries down to a matte finish within a few seconds.

Wearing Kylie Cosmetics ‘Kristen’ on my lips.

Exposed is a warm orange beige, again with a matte finish. Although I adore how this shade looks on me, Exposed does accentuate fine lines on my lips like no other. Sometimes, it just looks horrible and I have to take it off. So I would definitely recommend applying some sort of moisturizing lip balm underneath.

Except for the fact that Exposed accentuates fine lines, it has the exact same formula as Kristen. They’re also very opaque with amazing color pay-off. One layer is all you need.

Wearing Kylie Cosmetics ‘Exposed’ on my lips.

Maliboo is a lighter cool-toned nude, also with a matte finish. Although it does accentuate fine lines as well, it’s not as bad as Exposed. Maliboo is actually my favorite out of the three and the one I’ve been wearing the most!

Maliboo also has the exact same formula as the previous two shades, but it’s definitely the most wearable one out of the three!

Wearing Kylie Cosmetics ‘Maliboo’ on my lips.

The lasting power of these lipsticks is amazing. I could easily go out the entire day and come back home and my lipstick would still be there. Obviously, it does fade away on the inside a little bit after a few hours but you could easily have a drink or eat your lunch without having to reapply. I would say you can go without reapplying for at least six hours.

The Kylie liquid lipsticks have a sweet scent that I haven’t actually smelled in a makeup product before. Luckily, it’s not too overpowering and it goes away once it dries down.

Now the real question is, do I think these are worth the $30, expensive shipping and customs? No. Although I adore each shade, they’re all dupable and the formula does accentuate each and every fine line and wrinkle on your lips. The lasting power is great though and they don’t feel uncomfortable on the lips, I just think a lip products has to be absolutely perfect and flawless to be worth such an insane price tag.

All of the Kylie Cosmetics lip kits (Kristen, Exposed & Maliboo) are exclusively sold on her official website. Each lip kit retails for $29 and contains a lip liner (1 g) and liquid lipstick (3.25 ml). Shipping to Europe will cost you about $15 and I had to pay a serious customs bill so definitely keep that in mind as well!

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  1. September 11, 2016 / 15:06

    Alle drie de kleurtjes zijn zo mooi! Heel tof dat je ook dupes hebt gevonden.

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