New Catrice Glam Fusion Powder To Gel Eyeshadows | ‘Instaglam’ & ‘Let’s Go Browntown’

Although the new Spring & Summer product updates by Essence and Catrice have been in stores for a while now, I still had some of them that I really wanted to share here on my blog. Whenever they first released their new products, I immediately stocked up to try most of them out on my blog. I think Catrice has some amazing products in their range, especially for being such a budget-friendly brand. That’s why I wanted to try as many of their new products as I could, and today I’m going to be talking about their new Glam Fusion eyeshadows, which they claim to be powder to gel shadows.

The Glam Fusion eyeshadows come in clear little compacts with silver details, which is just typical Catrice. It looks plain and elegant at the same time. The eyeshadow pans are engraved with a wavy pattern, which is always fun.

Catrice claims these eyeshadows have a ‘sensor sensation’ technology, which means the powder eyeshadow turns into a gel-like texture upon contact with the skin for elegant shine effects. These definitely feel gel-like whenever I swirl my fingers in the pan. They feel very bouncy and mousse-like and you could easily make a dent in these.

The first one I decided to pick up was Instagram, which is a warm champagne with a metallic finish. This shade is definitely my cup of tea and perfect to apply onto your eyelids for a subtle sheen and pop of color.

Next I also picked up Let’s Go Browntown, which is a warm shimmery brown with a metallic sheen. This shade looked perfect to smoke out any look and add more dimension.

When I first swatched these, I was so surprised with their pigmentation and intensity, they looked gorgeous! The formula reminded me a lot of the Colourpop eyeshadows, very creamy and bouncy with amazing color pay-off. At first, I actually thought we had a Colourpop dupe and I got so so so excited. But oh boy…

These apply the same way as Colourpop shadows, which means they apply best using your fingertips or a very dense brush. I applied Instaglam on my eyelids and Let’s Go Browntown in my outer V. After about half an hour of wear they started to crease on me so badly, it looked disgusting! I was super disappointed and thought maybe it was just me. So I made my mom try them because she has very dry skin and I also read other reviews online. But even my mom and other bloggers who reviewed this products said it creased on them. What a disappointment…!

I wouldn’t recommend the Glam Fusion eyeshadows to anyone, they’re so bad!! Normally I’m always happy with the quality of Catrice’s products but I just wasn’t a fan of this whatsoever… Although they swatch beautifully, they crease and look horrible after about half an hour of wear.

The Glam Fusion powder to gel eyeshadows are now available at Kruidvat and online for €3,99 (3.3 g). For me personally, these didn’t work at all, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try them. So if you were intreated in these, I would suggest starting with one and seeing how you like it.


  1. May 4, 2016 / 14:54

    Good review! And I share the same thoughts as you. At first, I like the intensity as well of these shadows but they crease on me too. Too bad xs

  2. May 6, 2016 / 10:02

    Oh wauw ik ben best onder de indruk. Vooral de wat lichtere kleur vind ik echt heel erg mooi!

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