Catrice Viennart Limited Edition Collection

I totally adore how Catrice tries to incorporate trends they’ve noticed on the catwalk into their limited edition collections. This time it’s no different with their ‘Viennart’ collection, which is inspired by the glamour of Art Nouveau. There’s a lot of floral and lace details in this collection and the colors are all pretty neutral, yet feminine and a little bit daring at the same time, if that makes any sense. I love the way this collection looks, but wasn’t really tempted to buy every single item from this collection. The only items that were on my wish-list was the blush and the eyeshadows, which I only grabbed one of. If you’re curious to see if these products are any good, keep on reading!

There’s only one blush to be found in this collection, and it’s called ‘Floral OrnArtment’. The packaging is pretty basic and typical Catrice with the clear packaging and sturdy compact. But the powder itself is sooooo adorable!! It has an “ornamental” pattern, and two different shades of pink. The pattern is so pretty, I just can’t get over it. The way the two colors are mixed, it reminds me of a corset somehow, and I’m totally in love with the floral-pattern. Which by the way, is still noticeable after a couple of times of using it. 

Floral OrnARTment is dark pink, almost red looking blush. It is described as “Fresh Apricot and Light Nude”, but to me, that didn’t really show up, it was more of a pink/reddish kind of shade on me. It’s not completely matte, yet the shimmer isn’t really noticeable on the cheeks, even in the pan you have to look really closely. I swirl my brush into the two different shades, and this gives me a pretty light red flush on the cheeks, with a little dewiness to it. The texture of this blush isn’t too powdery, it’s a very fine powder that’s very smooth to apply. It is highly pigmented, so start off with a little product and build it up if necessary. This beauty stayed on me the entire day, without even fading away!

Catrice Powder Blush in ‘Floral OrnARTment’ €3,99 (6g).

This collection comes with 3 beautiful baked eyeshadows: a lavender, a gold and a mauve one. I went for the mauve one, but they all swatched wonderfully! I just couldn’t justify getting all 3 of them, so I had to make a choice. The one I got is called ‘Stunning Stucco’. Again, these eyeshadows come in a simple and clear packaging, which is typical Catrice. But they added a little something-something to the powder itself. It has this really cool pattern, that reminds me a lot of snake-skin, yet it’s described as “lace embossment”. The only thing that sucks about this, is that it goes away after a using it a couple of times. 

Stunning Stucco is a shimmering light mauve/grey shade. It almost has a metallic finish, and it’s perfect for the holidays, but it’s also appropriate for everyday wear. The texture is very soft and smooth, which is almost always the case with Catrice eyeshadows. Stunning Stucco is super pigmented and applies easily onto the lids. I chose to apply this one all over my lid, but this color is so versatile, you could do so much with it. It didn’t crease and stayed in place nicely throughout the day.

Catrice Baked Eyeshadow in ‘C02 Stunning Stucco’ €3,99 (1,2g).

The ‘Viennart’ collection by Catrice is now available at Kruidvat, for a limited time only (November-January). Both of the products I tried really pleased me, and I love how this collection is so budget-friendly, yet the quality is very nice! 


  1. November 30, 2014 / 18:41

    Die blush vind ik echt onwijs mooi!

  2. November 30, 2014 / 22:06

    de blush heb ik niet kunnen scoren de oogschaduw wel en ben daar verliefd op liefs

    • December 2, 2014 / 08:57

      Wat jammer dat je de blush niet hebt kunnen bemachtigen, is echt een aanrader! Liefs x

  3. November 30, 2014 / 22:10

    Wat een prachtige producten vind die blush vooral heel erg mooi en gepigmenteerd!

  4. December 1, 2014 / 13:07

    Wat een super mooie producten!

  5. December 1, 2014 / 13:51

    Ik heb nog even getwijfeld over de blush maar hij was me iets te rood, verder heb ik de goudkleurige oogschaduw gekocht waar ik wel erg blij mee ben 🙂

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