Coming Soon: Essence Little Eyebrow Monsters

Guysssss!! Essence are coming out with a new Trend Edition that is so exciting, I can’t even contain myself. The new limited edition collection is called “Little Eyebrow Monsters” and contains everything you need to get that eye-catching gorgeous brow. Personally, I always do my brows and I adore trying out different eyebrow products. But most of my favorite eyebrow products are high-end, which is why this collection is so exciting. An affordable drugstore brand that is releasing a bunch of eyebrow products?? Yes please!! If you want to know every single item from this collection, keep on reading!

Eyebrow & Highlight Set €3,29

❤ Little Miss Natural
❤ Little Miss Bold

Eyebrow Lifter €2,49
❤ Lift’em Up in White
❤ Lift’em Up
in Rosy
Eyebrow Pen €2,99
❤ Little Miss Natural
❤ Little Miss Bold
❤ Little Miss Dark

Eyebrow Mascara €2,79
❤ Ernie Knows Best
❤ Bert Knows Best

Eyebrow Fixing Gel €2,29
❤ Hold’em in Place
Tweezers €1,99
❤ Don’t Touch The Monsters!
Eyebrow Styler €2,49
❤ Monsters In Style
Eyebrow Treatment €2,49
❤ No Trick Just Treat

Eyebrow Stencils €1,79
❤ Say Yes To Statement Brows

This is probably one of the most exciting limited edition collections Essence have released so far! I adore the packaging of this collection and I’ll probably try out every single item (in my shade, that is).

The Essence Little Eyebrow Monsters Trend Edition will be available in stores from April to May 2016. Are you going to grab anything from this collection?

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