Anastasia Beverly Hills Shadow Couture World Traveller Eyeshadow Palette

Back in the day I used to be obsessed with single eyeshadows and I didn’t like eyeshadow palettes at all. But I guess that has changed drastically since I now want to buy every single eyeshadow palette out there. I still love and use my single shadows and will keep buying them from time to time, but my obsession with them has been replaced by my palette obsession. I adore Urban Decay’s eyeshadow palettes but have been loving Anastasia Beverly Hills’ eyeshadow palettes as well! I think they look so amazing and the color selection is always right up my alley. 

The packaging of the Shadow Couture palette looks so beautiful! I love the gold with the black so much and I think the design is really fun and unique. This palette is made out of a hard and sturdy cardboard packaging and it has a mirror inside. It comes with a dual-ended brush and 12 beautiful shadows. 
The shade selection is rather unique in this palette and I’m really digging it! You get a few matte as well as metallic shimmery shades. You have your neutrals as well as some pops of color and I’m loving the shade Azure, it looks stunning! 
Usually I’m not the biggest fan of brushes that come with palettes. I think they just take up extra space and they’re mostly useless and bad quality. But this one I really like. The quality is actually not bad at all! It has a fluffy crease brush on one side and a dense flatter brush on the other side which would be perfect for packing on a bunch pigment onto the eyelids. 
As you can see here in the close-up, you get a lot of different finishes and colors in this palette! 
❤ Soft Peach: a light peachy beige with a warm undertone and matte finish.
❤ Morocco: a medium reddish brown with warm undertones and a matte finish.
❤ Heirloom: a deep blackened purple with purple and silver sparkle.
❤ Bellini: a warm golden orange with a soft metallic sheen.
❤ Pink Champagne: is a sparkly warm rosy toned brown with a metallic finish.
❤ Chic: a beige-gold with a metallic sheen.   
Soft Peach is a really buttery and soft shadow, as well as Morocco. Heirloom was a little but lighter then I had expected it was still a beautiful shade to work with, just a little bit dry. Bellini was soft and pigmented and super easy to blend. At first I thought Pink Champagne would be chalky and dry and that it would have a lot of fall-out but it was actually really smooth and soft and I didn’t experience any fall-out with this shade. Chic was just a little bit dry but once you blended it onto the eyelids it worked nicely.
❤ Spoiled: a medium peachy brown with a golden sheen.
❤ Fudge: a dark warm reddish brown with a matte finish.
❤ Azure: a medium navy blue with a frosted sheen.
❤ Intense Gaze: a medium warm coral with a frosted sheen.
❤ Metallic: a warm yellow gold with a metallic sheen.
❤ Noir: a deep black with a matte finish.
I wish Spoiled was a little bit more pigmented and noticeable. Fudge was really soft and easy to apply. Azure was really buttery and applied beautifully onto my lids. Intense Gaze and Metallic both had great color pay-off and texture. Noir was very intense and smooth but it was a little bit difficult to blend.
Some of my favorite shades are definitely Morocco and Fudge, which I love the apply in my crease. I also really adore Pink Champagne, Azure and Metallic which are all so beautiful applied to your eyelids! 
These shadows didn’t crease on me and stayed on my eyelids throughout the entire day! Keep in mind that I always prime my eyelids since they’re super oily, so I don’t really know how these perform without any primer underneath. I didn’t experience any fall-out and most of the shadows blended really beautifully on my eyes, except for Noir which was a bit trickier to blend.
I used a Morocco and Fudge in my crease and applied Pink Champagne to my lid with a damp eyeshadow brush. I also applied Soft Peach on my brow bone and Morocco and Fudge just underneath my lower lash line. 
Being an eyeshadow palette lover and collector, I’m so happy I was able to get my hands on this palette! It has some really amazing shades in it and you could make a lot of different looks with this palette. The only downside is that she repeats a lot of shadows in her palettes so if you already own a few of them, you might have some doubles. But since this is my first eyeshadow palette by her, I don’t have a problem with that yet. 
The Anastasia Beverly Hills Shadow Couture World Traveller eyeshadow palette (that’s a mouthful!) is a limited edition palette which you can purchase online on here. The palette retails for about €31. That makes each eyeshadow individually about €2,5 which is super affordable if you ask me! 


  1. October 22, 2015 / 22:18

    wauw they are so pretty!

  2. October 23, 2015 / 17:31

    Wauw ik vind het echt een heel erg mooi palette en wat betaalbaar ook, had ik niet verwacht van een merk als Anastasia!

  3. October 25, 2015 / 13:27

    Erg mooi palette! Morocco alleen is genoeg overtuiging om het palette op m'n wishlist te zetten 😉

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