Coming Soon: Catrice Lumination

Today I have an exciting new limited edition collection by Catrice to share with you. It’s called the ‘Lumination’ collection and it’s inspired by pastel rosé, bright pinks and shimmering metallics. This collection offers you beautiful metallic eyeshadows, lipsticks, nail polishes, a gorgeous blush and luminizing powders.

Pure Chrome Eyeshadow €3,99
C01 Radiant Rose
C02 Stargazer
C03 Interstellar

Lip Colour €3,99

C01 Radiant Rose
C02 Pink MATTrix

Powder Blush €3,99

C01 Flushed-Fiction

Luminizing Highlighter €4,99

C01 Luminous Light

Luminizing Bronzer €4,99

C01 New Bronze Age

Nail Lacquer €3,49

C01 Interstellar
C02 Cosmic Pink
C03 Stargazer
C04 HoloGREYphic

I’m absolutely in love with this collection and I think it looks promising. I’m not really excited about the nail polishes in particular but the blush and luminizing highlighter and bronzer are definitely on my radar! I love the luminizing bronzing that was part of their ‘Metalure’ collection and this one looks very similar to that but just a little bit darker. 

The ‘Lumination’ limited edition collection by Catrice will be available from the end of July until the end of August. 

Are you excited for this collection? Which products appeal to you the most?


  1. June 22, 2015 / 15:07

    Ooh die highlighter lijkt me prachtig 😀

  2. June 22, 2015 / 16:17

    De paarse lippenstift en nagellakjes hebben werkelijk de mooiste tint! xo

  3. June 23, 2015 / 06:44

    Die berrykleurige lipstick lijkt me wel mooi!

  4. June 23, 2015 / 13:10

    Wauwie wat een mooie collectie!

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