Action Max & More Matte Lip Kits (Wine Red, Classic Red, Deep Nude & Pretty Pink) | Review

By now, I have tried out a ton of Max & More makeup that is available at Action here in Belgium. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Action, it’s basically a discount store that has its own house brand of makeup called Max & More. Up until now, I’ve mainly tried out their eye & face products but haven’t really been impressed by any of their lip products. So when I saw they added new matte lip kits to their range I hurried on down to action to pick them up. These Matte Lips come with a lip liner & liquid lipstick and are hella affordable. So if you’re interested in knowing my thoughts on these, keep on reading!

The Matte Lips come in black cardboard boxes that have rose-gold details and have the lip pencils on the left with the matching liquid lipsticks on the right. The actual lip pencils have the same rose-gold details, come with a transparant cap and have the shades indicated at the bottom. They’re rather small compared to the liquid lipsticks. The liquid lipsticks come in transparent tubes with black details and again, the shade name indicated at the bottom. The packaging of the liquid lipsticks is definitely bigger than most liquid lipsticks.

As far as I know, there are five shades available, from which I was only able to pick up four since number ’04’ was sold-out. Someone send me a Snap showing the shade I was missing, which is a warm peachy nude so I’ll definitely have to try and get my hands on that shade at some point!

As you can tell, these definitely don’t lack any color pay-off or pigmentation whatsoever! The lip liners match perfectly with the liquid lipsticks and I adore each and every one of the shades.

The first shade I was able to pick up is called Wine Red, which is a deep warm red with a matte finish.

Wine Red did need about two layers to look fully opaque, but to my surprise it didn’t look patchy or uneven at the end.

Next we have Classic Red, which is a bright red with subtle coral undertones and a matte finish.

This shade is without a doubt my favorite one! It looks opaque after only one layer and feels quite comfortable on the lips. It didn’t look uneven or patchy whatsoever and the lip liner matches perfectly to this shade.

Deep Nude is a deeper mauve nude with a cool undertone and matte finish.

Although I initially love this shade when I first apply it, Deep Nude does get deeper and darker the longer you wear it. By the end of the day it doesn’t look nude anymore. The formula, however, was really nice. It applied evenly and I only needed one layer.

Lastly, I picked up Pretty Pink, which is a bright neon pink with a matte finish.

Pretty Pink is the only shade that applied quite patchy and uneven. It was hard to work with and it definitely needed two layers to look decent. Although I adore this shade, the formula isn’t the best.

Although I didn’t always wait for the lipstick to completely dry down in the pictures, they do dry down to a matte finish. But despite the matte finish, they don’t look flat on the lips and they’re quite comfortable to wear (for a liquid lipstick). The lasting-power is really nice as well, they stay on my lips for about 6 hours with the slightest bit of transfer. However, you do need to reapply these after having something to eat.

The applicator of the liquid lipsticks is a longer dough-foot applicator that distributes the product perfectly. When it comes to the scent, I would describe it as a very subtle perfume scent, but it doesn’t linger on the lips.

Are these the best liquid lipsticks I’ve ever tried? No. However, they’re definitely the best €2 liquid lipsticks I’ve ever tried. It’s crazy to me how they can offer both a lip liner & liquid lipstick at such an affordable price and also be cruelty free?! That’s insane. The quality of both the lip pencils and liquid lipsticks is actually really nice, although there are some flaws here and there. Some are a bit patchy, but overall they apply nicely, are quite pigmented and have great lasting power. The shades are also to die for!

The Max & More Matte Lips are now available at Action and retail for €1,98 each (3.8 ml & 1.2 g). Considering you get a lip liner and matching liquid lipstick that comes in gorgeous shades with a pretty decent formula, these are totally worth it & such a steal!


  1. March 11, 2017 / 19:31

    loved it! jij bent er altijd als de eerste bij met de nieuwste producten, zo fijn!

  2. March 13, 2017 / 14:52

    De eerste drie vind ik echt het mooist, zelf heb ik nummer drie, echt een topper

  3. Anoniem
    May 20, 2017 / 20:57

    Wie verkoopt deze nog meer. De action verkoopt ze niet meer.

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