Fall 2016 Room Tour

Hey loves! So I don’t know if you’ve heard this yet, but I really really really love Fall (guess you have by now & it’s getting quite annoying he?!). But seriously, decorating for Fall is my favorite part! Cozying up my room and adding a few pops of orange here and there, ahh I love it! So the other day I was cleaning my room with my mom and bought all of these items to decorate with and all of a sudden I decided I wanted to film a room tour. A Fall themed room tour that is. So of course I filmed my room tour & now it’s finally up for you guys!

This is an overview of my bed area. I like to keep things symmetrical, so I added two nightstands on each side, both the exact same ones!

I like how this side of my room looks very fresh, yet with a touch of Fall!

This is my favorite part in my room, just because it’s so cosy and Fall related. The decorations I got from Action, the candle and its holder are from Bath & Body works.

Here are some of my favorite books, mostly coffee table books!

As you can tell, I like my desk area clean and free of clutter. Some people love clutter but I simply can’t focus or function when there’s clutter around. And since I spend a lot of time at my desk, I like to keep it very neat.

This is my little side of my room! On top of my nightstand I usually keep one or two books, a candle, coaster and most importantly: my oil diffuser. This thing is amazing, especially when you have a cold and put some eucalyptus in there.

This is one of my nightstands. The coaster is fro H&M Home and I got the exact same one on the other side as well! Since I tend to drink tea often, I wanted some coasters to prevent my nightstands from getting dirty.

 Next to my bed I keep two bookshelf, which I got from Ikea a while ago but I think they still have it. On top of those shelfs I keep most of my books and a few decorative pieces.

I decided to add these Fall leaves on top of my bedframe to add a little extra Fall touch.

I thought this little guy looked so adorable!! Isn’t he cute?!

If you have any questions or you want to know where something is from, definitely leave it down in the comments & I’ll answer right away!

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