Essence Satin Touch Blush (‘Satin Coral’ & ‘Satin Love’) | Review

Essence always hits the nail on the head when it comes to blushes. I’ve been a huge fan of their cheek products for years now, I adored their Silky Touch Blushes and Mosaic Blushes. So when I saw they added a new range of blushes to their permanent collection for Fall & Winter 2016 I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some of the shades.

The packaging of the Satin Touch Blushes is super compact and rather small. The blushes come in transparant compacts with a cute font on the front. On the back there’s a sticker with some additional information and the shade names, of course. I like how thin these compacts are, they’re perfect to travel with or to store in your makeup collection. The blush pans have a cute pattern on them, which makes these look so much more elegant and luxurious. The design does go away pretty fast though.

There are three shades available in the Satin Touch Blush line:
❤ Satin Coral
❤ Satin Love
❤ Satin Bronze

I picked up the shades Satin Coral and Satin Love since Satin Bronze was sold-out at that time, unfortunately!

Satin Coral is a warm peachy pink that has a subtle sheen. When I apply it onto my cheeks, this blush adds such a beautiful and dewy flush without looking glittery.

Wearing the Essence Satin Blush in ‘Satin Coral’ on my cheeks.

Satin Love is a warm pink with subtle mauve undertones. Just like Satin Coral, this one has a subtle sheen, without being glittery or shimmery. It just reflects the light in a beautiful and subtle way.

Wearing the Essence Satin Blush in ‘Satin Love’ on my cheeks.

The formula of the Satin Touch Blushes is super soft and smooth, it doesn’t feel powdery whatsoever. They apply evenly without any streaks and are super easy to apply!

As you can tell, the Satin Touch Blushes swatch beautifully and they have just the right amount of pigment! These are also very buildable, you could go for a subtle flush or a more intense blush. The only downside is that I think Satin Coral and Satin Love look very similar, especially on the cheekbones. I wish they would’ve added some more shades or at least a wider difference.

The lasting-power is average, these blushes stay on my cheeks for about 6-7 hours before they start to fade away around the edges.

I went ahead and also picked up the shade Satin Bronze, which goes to show I’m definitely a fan! The texture is soft, they’re pigmented and these blushes apply so smoothly. All three of the shades in this range look very natural and subtle, which is just what I love! These blushes could easily compete with some of the high-end ones I own!

The new Essence Satin Touch Blushes are now available at your nearest Essence retailer (Kruidvat) and online for €2,59 (5 g). I think these are some of the best drugstore blushes currently on the market and they’re so cheap, it’s mind-blowing!!


  1. Jen
    October 28, 2017 / 18:25

    Hi how would these be on dry or textured skin? I read reviews that satin love (the dupe for Tarte’s Exposed) isn’t good on dry skin?

    • Eline Blaise
      October 31, 2017 / 10:57

      Because of the satin finish it could accentuate a little bit of texture on your skin (if you have any), but if you don’t have a lot texture and just a bit of dryer skin I think it shouldn’t be a problem!

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