Catrice Contourious Sculpting Powder Palette & Strobing Duo Highlighter | Review

Even though some might disagree, contouring is still a huge trend in the makeup industry. Catrice coming out with their newest limited edition collection called Contourious seems to prove that once again. They released an entire collection all about contouring and strobing with everything you need to define and sculpt out your face. I stumbled upon this collection at my local Kruidvat a few weeks ago and decided to pick up the sculpting powder palette and strobing duo highlighter.

The packaging of this sculpting palette is very simple and basic with a clear lid and black packaging. I like how each shade has its ‘purpose’ engraved into the powder, I think it adds an extra touch. There’s no mirror or brush that comes with the palette, which I personally don’t mind since it keeps everything nice and compact.

The sculpting powder palette comes in two shades:
❤ Pale Perfectionist (the one I purchased)
❤ Almond Architect 

As the name suggests, Pale Perfectionist comes with a highlight, blush and contour shade that would work on pale to light skin-tones, but even medium skin-tones could still rock these shades.

The pigmentation of these powders was decent, but it’s nothing to write home about. I had to build up these powders to get them how they’re looking in these swatches and they don’t feel as soft as I had hoped.

The formula and texture is just a little bit powdery and I did have to put in some effort to blend out the contour and really had to build it up, but besides the contour, everything went on really smoothly. The contour and blush shade looked beautiful on my skin. The contour is not too warm and has that ashy undertone I really like to contour with and the blush isn’t too intense which, again, is something I like. But the highlight though… it was so chunky and glittery once I applied it onto my face, definitely not my favorite kind of formula to use as a highlight.

Although the formula isn’t the smoothest of all, the blush and contour do look very nice applied on my skin. They don’t look patchy or dry and they have the perfect undertones.

The strobing duo highlighter has the same type of packaging, simple black with a clear lid. This highlight comes with two shades and has a textured pattern. This time there was only one shade available, Strobing Supreme.

Strobing Supreme comes with a light champagne and rosé apricot shade, although you have to look really close to actually see a difference. Once you swirl both of them together you’re left with that light champagne shade.

The texture is again quite powdery and not as soft as I had hoped.

As you can see, this highlight is very light and subtle and the pigmentation isn’t the best, but you can definitely build it up to look more intense. This highlight, unlike the one from the sculpting palette, doesn’t look chunky or glittery but adds a nice highlighted effect to your cheeks. For me personally, it’s a little bit too subtle and natural but definitely better than the previous one.

I had no problem blending this highlight onto my skin and I did really like how it looked. Not too dry or patchy. The only downside with this highlight is that there’s only one shade available in this collection and this once is definitely made for people with fair to light skin-tones.

Wearing the contour, cheek and highlight from the sculpting powder palette but went in with the strobing duo highlighter on top because I really disliked how glittery the highlight from the palette looked on my face. 

Overall, I think this collection is okay, but I’m not blown away by either of these two products I tried out. They’re definitely not bad at all, but they’re just more on the subtle side, especially the strobing duo highlighter. I prefer my highlight to be more intense. I really liked the contour and blush shade from the sculpting palette, but I really didn’t like the highlight.

The limited edition Contourious collection is still available until the end of this month. The sculpting powder palette retails for €4,99 (12 g) and the strobing duo highlighter will also cost you €4,99 (9 g). Both of these products are very affordable, which is why I would recommend them if you like subtle makeup products that aren’t too intense.

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