Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Brush Set Vol. 3

Continuing on with the rose gold trend, Zoeva released another, third rose golden brush set. After the success of volumes 1 and 2, they decided to come out with a third set, which contains 8 gorgeous completely rose golden brushes. And to make this new collection complete, they also released the rose golden blush palette, which I already reviewed a while ago and really loved it. So you can imagine my expectations for this brush set were really high as well since Zoeva has never failed to impress me. 

Unlike their previous rose golden brush sets where only the handles were rose gold, these brushes are completely rose gold. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever seen brushes that look this gorgeous on my vanity. Not only do they look so chic and elegant, they have such a luxury feel to them and they’re all really soft. You can definitely tell these are high-quality brushes. 
In this new brush collection there are 5 face brushes & 3 eye brushes:
❤ 103 Defined Buffer
❤ 109 Face Paint Vegan
❤ 114 Luxe Face Focus
❤ 129 Luxe Fan
❤ 142 Concealer Buffer
❤ 228 Luxe Crease
❤ 234 Luxe Smoky Shader
❤ 317 Wing Liner
So first we have the 103 Defined Buffer, which is the perfect brush for blending out your foundation. It has an angled head that’s perfect for detailed application and blending. 
The 109 Face Paint Vegan is an amazing contour for applying both cream and powder bronzer or contour. 
The 114 Luxe Face Focus is a really flat powder brush that’s perfect for applying highlight or powder underneath the eyes. This brush had been on my wish-list for so long, because it seemed like the perfect brush to set my under-eyes with, which it does amazingly! 
Next we have the 129 Luxe Fan which is a simple fan brush that I love to use for applying my highlight.
The 142 Concealer Buffer is perfect for applying and blending out concealer and corrector. It’s really gentle underneath the eyes and blends out your cream or liquid concealer perfectly.
The 228 Luxe Crease is my one of my favorite crease brushes ever. It has a tampered end and blends out any eyeshadow perfectly into the crease.
The 234 Luxe Smoky Shader is probably my most used and loved eyeshadow brush ever. It packs on color onto my lids so easily and makes them look really pigmented.
Ans lastly we have the 317 Wing Liner, which was also featured in volumes 1 and 2 and to be honest, I don’t understand why they keep adding this to every single brush set?! I think I own about 3 of these by now. However, this is a really amazing eyeliner brush nonetheless, I just think they could’ve added a more useful eyeshadow brush instead of another wing liner brush.
If you have tried any of their brushes and love them, you will absolutely adore this brush set as well! They’re so soft and are really high quality. This set is a little bit pricey and retails for €90, which may seem super expensive. But considering you get 8 amazing brushes, you only pay €11,25 for each brush, which is actually quite affordable in my opinion, especially for the quality and packaging you get. You also get a really nice clutch that comes with this set, which is quite big and perfect to use as a travel makeup bag. 
The Rose Golden Luxury Brush Set Vol. 3 is available on zoeva-shop.de here for €90 (about €5 shipping costs) or on douglas.nl here for €89,95 (free shipping).


  1. April 16, 2016 / 19:31

    Ik ben mijn eyeliner brush kwijt van een vorige uitgave. Deze zijn wel pretty, misschien moet ik ze wel aanschaffen 🙂

  2. May 30, 2016 / 17:56

    Ik heb de oog kwasten van de vorige uitgave gekocht, ze zijn echt super! Volgende keer ga ik voor een paar gezichtskwasten denk ik en een oogschaduw palette, de kwaliteit van Zoeva producten is echt mooi.

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