E.l.f. Selfie Ready Foundation Blurring Brush

Hey loves! Today I’m back with a review on a new brush that was recently released by E.l.f.! Yesterday I celebrated my birthday while I was in Germany and I’ve been working a lot the days before my birthday. But today I had a free day, so I’m finally back with another blogpost. I also took advantage of the fact that I had some free time today and filmed two videos, a Primark haul and Spring makeup tutorial! So definitely keep an eye out for those upcoming videos if you’re interested! Anyways, as I mentioned in my E.l.f. haul, they came out with a few new brushes and I was lucky enough to get send the Blurring Brush and try it out for you guys.

The Selfie Ready Foundation Blurring Brush (that’s a mouthful!) comes in a plastic packaging that has all of the information on it, just like the other E.l.f. brushes. The handle of the brush itself is black with the logo written in white. The only thing that really bothers me with this handle is that it doesn’t have the name of the brush written on it. Unless I keep the plastic packaging or memorize the name, I won’t be able to tell which brush I’m actually using and if I’m doing a tutorial that really sucks. But besides that, I think this brush feels and looks very luxurious and chic.

The Blurring Foundation Brush feels so so so soft and has just the right amount of density to it. It doesn’t shed and keeps its shape perfectly. This brush definitely has a tapered dome shape which is perfect to get into every angle of your face.

Personally, I like to use this brush for applying my cream contour or to apply my foundation. But you could also use it to apply cream blush, or any other liquid of cream product. I would’t necessarily recommend this brush for applying powder, but you could always try it!

As you can see, this brush has a tapered dome shade which is perfect for contouring in my opinion!

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E.l.f. did an amazing job with this brush, as they do with almost all of their other ones! I’m a huge fan of this brush and I have used it nonstop ever since I got it. The only downside I would say is definitely the price point. Normally, E.l.f. brushes retail for about €4, but this one retails for €8, which is really pricey for an E.l.f. brush. But in my opinion, this one is totally worth it, especially since it doesn’t feel or look cheap at all. The new Selfie Ready Foundation Blurring Brush is available on the eyeslipsface website here for €8.

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