Zoeva Rose Golden Blush Palette

Zoeva is simply slaying my life & robbing my bank account right now! They have been releasing so many amazing new products the past couple of months, it’s hard to keep up. Not only have they come out with the new Spectrum collection, they also released the Rose Golden Vol. 3 brush set, with a Rose Golden blush palette to make the collection complete. I split the Rose Golden brush set with my mom and I will post an in-depth review on it soon! But for now, I’ll be talking all about their gorgeous new Rose Golden blush palette.

The Rose Golden blush palette comes in a sturdy cardboard packaging, which closes magnetically. It’s compact, thin and the design is to die for. I’m a sucker for everything rose gold and this looks absolutely stunning in my opinion.

More on the Rose Golden blush palette:

Emerged from a world of opulence, the precious ZOEVA Rose Golden Blush Palette features a luxuriously coordinated trio of a velvety blush, a luminous highlighter and a magnificent contouring shade to professionally sculpt the face and brighten the skin complexion. 

Zoeva calls it a blush palette, but it actually comes with a contouring shade, a highlighter and a blush.  Each pan has a decent size (3.5 g) and the finishes vary from a matte contour, to a satin highlight and a pearlized blush.

I think Zoeva did an amazing job coming up with the shades. It’s not the typical contour palette where the contour is too warm, the highlight too shimmery and the blush just a plain matte pink. Each of the powders are unique and different which is what makes me love this palette so much more. 

❤ Heavy Crown: a muted matte medium brown with subtle warm undertones, but not too warm. 
❤ Glowing Still: a bright creamy white with yellow undertones and a satin finish.
❤ Palace Door: a medium warm peachy pink with a golden pearl finish. 

All 3 of these powders watched beautifully and were all really pigmented. Heavy Crown was the driest out of the 3 and Glowing Still the smoothest and softest powder. However, they were all really soft and non of them feel powdery or chalky whatsoever. Heavy Crown did need some building up on the skin, whereas the other powders didn’t.

The only downside of this blush palette is that it only comes in one shade, which isn’t going to suit darker skin-tones. It would’ve been amazing if they had released two or three different palettes for different skin-tones. For my skin-tone, these work amazingly, and I think they would work up to medium skin-tones but that’s it.

These powders lasted for a good 7-8 hours on my skin, which is pretty amazing but not the most long-wearing ever. By the end of the night, I noticed some fading around the edges and it could’ve used some touching up.
As always, these powders are free of parabens, mineral oils, fragrances, nano and phthalates. 

I’m wearing all 3 powders from the Rose Golden palette. I used Heavy Crown as a contour and also bronzer. As a blush I’m wearing Palace Door and to top it all off I used Glowing Still as a highlight.

Overall, the Rose Golden blush palette is a winner for me! I think the shades are beautiful and they complement my skin-tone really nicely. The highlight is super intense and probably one of my faves from this palette, although I love all of them! As always, the quality is superbe and the design of the palette is gorgeous.

The new Rose Golden blush palette by Zoeva is now available online on Zoeva’s website here for €14,80 (10,5 g). I think the price is reasonable and considering you get 3 powders, it’s even really affordable. GET IT!!


  1. March 7, 2016 / 16:29

    Oeh hij is echt zo mooi! Deze gaat op m'n wishlist.

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