New Catrice Multi Matt Blush in ‘La-Lavender’

Catrice is coming out with all sorts of gorgeous new products for the Fall/Winter and I was able to find a few of those products on my last shopping trip to Kruidvat. After reviewing their professional contouring palette, It’s now time for their new multi matte blush in ‘La-Lavender’. I thought this blush looked so pretty and with all the heavy highlighting going on these last couple of weeks, I thought another matte blush would be a great thing to add to my collection.

The packaging of the new multi matt blush fits right in with their other products: simple, sleek and clear. The blush itself has 4 different shades of mauve and pink with a cute pattern and wave-like texture. I love how this blush is so compact and easy to travel with without those annoying little brushes that take up way too much space. 

The multi matt blush is available in 2 different shades:

❤ Love, Rosie!
❤ La-Lavender

La-Lavender has 4 different shades: a super light pink, a dusty pink, a darker pink with mauve undertones and a coppery pink. Once you swirl all the shades together you get a beautiful medium-toned matte pink blush. 

The texture of this blush is very smooth and just a little bit powdery. When you swirl your brush in this blush, you do get a lot of fall-out in the pan. 

I adore the way this blush looks once you combine all the different shades together but you do have to build up the color. La-Lavender isn’t the most pigmented blush ever so you can use a more heavy hand when applying this. It did stay on throughout the day with just a little hint of fading around the edges. 

I was a big fan of Catrice’s blushes and the multi matt blush didn’t disappoint me either. The 4 shades combined look so beautiful, but you do have to build op the color. La-Lavender isn’t one of those super intensely pigmented blushes, which I like, but others might not. You can also customize the shade you want to get out of this blush by swirling your brush only in the more darker or lighter shades. One down-side is that this blush isn’t a universal shade, I don’t think it would show up that much on darker skin-tones. Personally, I really enjoy using this blush, but it’s not one of those ‘omg you need this in your life’ kind of blushes. It is pretty and affordable though.

The Catrice multi matt blush in ‘La-Lavender’ is now available in stores as part of their It Pieces collection, which will later on be added to their permanent line. You can also get your hands on this blush by ordering it on for €3,99 (8g).


  1. August 11, 2015 / 08:47

    Wat een prachtige blush!

  2. August 11, 2015 / 11:07

    Hij ziet er echt heel erg mooi uit!

  3. August 11, 2015 / 19:41

    Ik vind het zo leuk dat er meerdere kleurtjes in zitten. Dan kun je echt een beetje kiezen. Al had ik niet verwacht dat de blush zo roze zou uitvallen. Hij staat je wel erg mooi.

  4. August 11, 2015 / 21:54

    Mooie bijzondere kleur met dat vleugje paars erin, heel leuk van Catrice 🙂

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