I think I have found the best makeup base ever. The Porefessional by Benefit used to be my holy grail face primer, but I haven’t touched it since my mom brought this one back from Thailand. It’s by the Asian brand Mistine and it’s described as a wonder cream, which is exactly what it is. I can’t really say what it is about this magical cream, but it provides the most beautiful evened out skin-tone ever.

The packaging of this makeup base is very tiny and adorable. I feel like most Asian makeup brands kill it with their packaging and this one is no exception to that. 

The Wonder Cream is described as a nutrition cream, make up base, foundation SPF 30, brightening and anti-wrinkle. Now that’s a lot if you ask me! I personally use the Wonder Cream underneath of my foundation, as a makeup base. The cream comes out brown/grayish looking and you only need the tiniest amount. I rub this in all over my face and I get an instant result. My skin looks much better. It looks more awake, my blemishes and uneven spots are almost completely gone. I don’t know how this cream does it, but it’s amazing! Another thing I really like about it is that it contains SPF30, which is perfect now that the weather is heating up. It does have a subtle sun-screen scent but it fades away immediately after application.

I’m the biggest fan of the Wonder Cream! It gives me such an even and blurred out face to start my foundation routine. It also helps my foundation stay on longer throughout the day and protects me from the sun. I hate that I can’t get my hands on it here in our country, but I’ll definitely try to get some more of these through friends or family visiting Asia soon!

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