Mary-Lou Manizer is probably my most-used highlighter, ever. It’s the most perfect champagne-toned highlighter and it’s definitely the one I tend to grab the most. But aside from the Mary-Lou Manizer, The Balm has another highlighter called Cindy-Lou Manizer, which is Mary-Lou’s pink-toned sister. Being such a fan of the original one I had to own Cindy-Lou Manizer as well. If you’re interested in knowing if I love it as much as the original one, keep on reading!

The Balm is one of my favorite brands when it comes to packaging. Their design is always on point and so much fun! The Cindy-Lou Manizer is no exception either. The packaging is so adorable, compact and sturdy at the same time. It has a huge mirror inside which is always a plus and perfect for touching-up throughout the day.

Cindy-Lou Manizer is a pink-toned peachy highlighter that’s perfect to use as a blush, highlight or even as an eyeshadow. It adds a beautiful dewy sheen wherever it is applied. In the pan it looks very rosy but once you apply this product to your cheekbones it adds a glowing bronziness to the face with a pink-undertone. I think that’s actually one of the reasons why I love this product so much, because it warms up my complexion.

Cindy-Lou Manizer is definitely a multi-purpose product, but it hasn’t replaced my Mary-Lou Manizer. As a blush-topper or as a blush on its own it looks amazing. However, I would never use this one as a regular highlighter. For me, it’s a bit too pink-toned to use as a highlighter but on top of another blush it’s perfect. Cindy-Lou Manizer is definitely the product for you if you enjoy a nice shimmering cheekbone! The Balm Cindy-Lou Manizer is available at Di and online on for €24,33 (8,5g), although at Di I think it’s much cheaper!


  1. April 23, 2015 / 16:31

    Wauw, wat een prachtige tint! <3

  2. April 24, 2015 / 10:14

    Dit is zo een onwijs mooi product! De glans is echt wauw.

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