Kiko ‘Light Taupe’ Pigment

Pigments are one of those makeup items I started using and loving in 2014, along with lip liners. I used to be too lazy to ever use pigments and I thought they were such a mess to work with. But actually pigments are amazing, they’re just a little bit messy, that’s true. I have tried the MAC pigments, which I love so much, so I decided to try a few other brands as well. Whilst I was shopping at Kiko a few weeks ago, I came across this loose eyeshadow that looked really beautiful to me. After swatching it in store and being really impressed by it, I decided to add this one to my collection.

This loose eyeshadow comes in a rather big tube and contains 6g, which is a lot of product! I will probably never ever in my life use this up, but that’s okay. I consider Kiko a drugstore brand, and for being a drugstore brand the packaging looks very sleek and luxurious, I like it! 

The loose eyeshadow pigments come in a range of 13 shades and of course, I grabbed one of the neutral colors. Light Taupe is a greyish silver/mauve shadow with flexes of golden shimmer in it. Depending on the lighting, it can look more taupe or more grey-toned. This color is such a beautiful lid color and I’m just obsessed with it.

The texture of this pigment feels a bit grainy but once you blend it out it looks very even and soft. That’s the thing I love about this pigment, although it feels a bit grainy, it’s very blendeable and easy to work with. I use a wet brush to apply this pigment, and I didn’t experience any fall-out using this technique. I do recommend spraying some sort of setting spray on top after applying it to the lid, just to make sure you don’t experience any fall-out throughout the day. This pigment is beautiful, pigmented and very easy to apply! 

This pigment definitely has my stamp of approval! The quality is nice, the pigmentation is amazing and it doesn’t have a lot of fall-out. I would say the Kiko pigments are actually dupes for the MAC pigments, although some of the MAC pigments have better color pay-off and just the tiniest bit more pigmentation. The Kiko loose pigment eyeshadow is available in stores and online for €5,90 (6g), which is such a fair price. 


  1. January 9, 2015 / 19:39

    Prachtig en ook nog betaalbaar, hij staat je super! Xx

  2. January 11, 2015 / 16:45

    It's such a gorgeous color. Love it!

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