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I love trying out new brands, and discovering amazing products. When I was in Germany, I found a lot of brands I was unfamiliar with, a lot of brands that use natural ingredients. After reviewing the products I got from Alverde, I’m going to show you the products from the German brand Terra Nature, which is the house brand of Müller. I’m going to review all of the products in another ‘All About’ post, because I think it’s easier that way 🙂


Starting off with face products, I bought a blush and highlighter from this brand. I loved the color of this blush, and I can always put a new highlighter to good use.
The packaging of the blush is very cute and simple, and I love that they engraved their logo in the powder, which is still noticeable after using it a couple of times. The color of the packaging reminds of something natural and earthy, which really suits this vegan brand.

Rosewood is dusty medium-toned pink. It has micro shimmer in it that is barely noticeable on the skin, but creates a beautiful dewiness on the cheeks. The powder is very fine and the texture is smooth and easy to blend onto the cheeks. This blush can be very subtle, or you could build it up to a more intense color. It lasted the entire day on me, with a little bit of fading at the end.

Terra Naturi blush in ‘Rosewood’ €2,95 (available here).

I loved the color of this highlight instantly, so of course it ended up in my basket. One thing I didn’t really fell in love with was the packaging. It looks and feels a bit cheap, and it’s quite bulky. But nonetheless, I really like the powder itself! 

Golden Highlight is a soft champagne shade, with a very light peachy undertone. Depending on how you swirl your brush in the powder, it can look more white, or more golden. I own so many highlights that are super intense, so it’s nice to own one that’s a bit more subtle for once. It says that you can use this powder on the face and body, but I don’t really see myself using this anywhere on my body for that matter. 

Terra Naturi shimmer powder in ‘Golden Highlight’ €3,99.

Wearing ‘Rosewood’ blush & ‘Golden Highlight’ shimmer powder
Since I can’t really say no to a new lipstick, I decided to give one of them a try. This color looked really pretty, and I love how simple and compact the packaging is.
Rosewood is a muted darker pink, with brownish undertones. It has a shiny finish, yet it stays on the lips for a couple of hours. It doesn’t feel dry at all, and it’s very comfortable to wear. I’m in love with this lipstick!
Terra Naturi lipstick in ‘Rosewood’ €2,95 (available here).
Wearing ‘Rosewood’ lipstick
When I saw their eyeshadows, at first I wasn’t really impressed with them. They didn’t really catch my attention, and I almost looked over them. But boy, I’m glad I didn’t! These eyeshadows are some of the best drugstore eyeshadows, and I’m so happy with the colors I picked!
The first eyeshadow is a baked eyeshadow. Again, not really impressed with the packaging, but the eyeshadow itself is amazing! 
Metallic Grey is well, a metallic grey. It’s very shimmery, and the pigmentation is amazing. This eyeshadow feels so soft and buttery, and it’s so easy to apply and blend! 
Terra Nature baked eyeshadow in ‘Metallic Grey’ €3,75.
The next two eyeshadows are called the ‘metallic mono eyeshadows’, and they come in the same packaging that I loved from the blush, just smaller. I picked up two shades that are perfect to apply in the crease and they’re stunning!
Brown Glow is a dark shimmery brown. The shimmer in this shade is golden, and it looks absolutely stunning as a crease shade.
Light Bronze is shimmery pale bronze shade, that almost looks cool-toned. I use this shadow as a transition shade in the upper-crease, and I think it looks really pretty. 
These shadows are a bit more powdery than the other one, yet they’re also pretty smooth and soft. The pigmentation of these shadows is amazing and they last all day on the lids.
Terra Naturi mono eyeshadows €2,45 each (available here).
Wearing ‘Metallic Grey’ baked eyeshadow on the lids & ‘Light Bronze’ & ‘Brown Glow in the crease
If you happen to be in Germany, definitely check out the Terra Naturi stand at Müller! These products are all natural, and they’re also super budget-friendly.


  1. December 23, 2014 / 13:15

    Ik ken dit merk niet, maar dit ziet er wel veelbelovend uit! Ziet er mooi uit allemaal

  2. December 23, 2014 / 14:25

    Ik ken dit merk helemaal niet, maar wat ziet het er goed uit zeg! X

  3. December 23, 2014 / 14:59

    Ik kende Terra Naturi nog niet, maar het ziet eruit als een heel fijn merk! Vooral de highlighter vind ik mooi!

  4. December 23, 2014 / 16:52

    Wauw alles is echt mooi, de blush, de lipstick, de oogschaduws,.. heerlijke producten!

    X Sara

  5. December 23, 2014 / 22:14

    De pigmentatie ziet er top uit! Die lipstick staat je erg leuk x

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