Catrice Metallure Luminizing Bronzer & Eye Shadow

Catrice comes out with limited edition collections about every two months or so. I tend to get really excited whenever I see the advertisement and especially when I stumble upon the collections in store. The Metallure collection was one of those collections I was really looking forward to. So when it finally came out in one the drugstores near me I got so excited. I said to myself I could pick 2 items from this collection and so I did. I picked up the Luminizing Bronzer and one of the eyeshadows. This collection is all about the metallic trend with a lot of gold, silver and copper.

The first product I grabbed and the main thing I was after is the Luminizing Bronzer in Shimmer Shade. The packaging of this bronzer is large and bulky but luxurious looking at the same time. It doesn’t feel cheap at all and it’s actually quite sturdy. 

I would say it’s more a highlighting powder then a bronzing powder since it has lots of shimmer in it. Not those chunks of glitter, but a gorgeous subtle rose golden shimmer.

This baked bronzer adds a lovely radiance and glow to your face, making your skin look more dewy and healthy. This powder is quite pigmented so I recommend starting with a little bit of product and adding some if necessary.

Luminizing Baked Bronzer in “C01 Shimmer Shade” €4,99 (9g!).

There are 3 eyeshadows available in this collection, all metallic. The one I got is called Metalfusion. I find it so hard to describe the color, but once the colors are mixed together I would say it’s a greenish grey. It’s such a beautiful and rather unique shade but I don’t think it would flattering on everyone. 

Metalfusion was easy to apply. I used only this eyeshadow on my lids in the picture below and I don’t think it would need anything else. It looks so beautiful on its own already. This shade is rather intense and that’s what I like about it. Normally low-budget brands tend to look very light and a bit washed out on the lids but not this one. It’s highly pigmented and I like the texture. Not too powdery and soft. I didn’t experience any fall-out whatsoever 🙂

Metallic Marbled Eye Shadow in “C02 Metalfusion” €3,59 (2g).

These are 2 beautiful products that I’m glad to add to my collection. The Luminizing Bronzer adds a beautiful golden radiance to the face while the Metallic Marbled Eye Shadow is so pigmented and unique. The Metallure limited edition collection is now available at Kruidvat till the end of September. 


  1. August 11, 2014 / 16:35

    Mooie producten ik vind ze er allebei erg mooi uitzien

  2. August 11, 2014 / 17:25

    Wauw, ik vind beide producten er prachtig uitzien!

  3. August 11, 2014 / 19:21

    Amai, die oogschaduw is supermooi, Eline!

  4. August 12, 2014 / 08:08

    Wauw, wat een prachtige producten! Beide zijn echt heel mooi. Super mooie foto's! <3 X

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