Make Up For Ever full coverage waterproof concealer

“05 Vanilla”

For some reason, my search for the perfect concealer never stops. Whenever I find a concealer that’s good for me, I just keep on searching for an even better one. You see, I have permanent under-eye dark circles, which can be a pain in the butt. However, I find that this one really does the trick. There ain’t no way any concealer is ever going to fully camouflage those crazy under eye-circles, I know, but this one gets it close enough. The tube is really practical and especially hygienic and you only need the tinniest amount to cover up any area. It’s a rather thick texture that dries super fast, so you have to work really quick with this one.

This is about the amount I use for my under-eyes and blemishes or redness. Sometimes, when I’m well rested and I’m not breaking out like crazy, this is even too much. 

The most important thing with this product is blending. First, dot it on the problem areas, then blend it going in little circular motions until it’s fully blended into the skin. Do not rub this product under your eyes, because it won’t have the same effect and it’s not good for wrinkles. After that, finish it off with a setting powder, and voilà, you just added 5 hours of sleep to your face! When it comes to waterproof: It is! It easily survives a bit of sweat or rain. It stays where it should all day, without looking cakey or anything like that. 

It’s available in stores and online and will cost you €26,50 for a 15ml(!) bottle.

This concealer doesn’t fade away during the day, nor does it crease. It’s more a full coverage that hides your imperfections perfectly!
PS: Apparently, my exam isn’t until friday, it was marked wrong on my calendar haha!


  1. August 21, 2013 / 21:21

    Klinkt als een fijn product!

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