Essence Me & My Ice Cream (review + swatches)

When I heard that Essence launched a new collection called “Me & My Icecream”, I had to go and get me some of that good stuff. I am not the type of person to buy the whole collection, just so I can review it, so I only bought the things that I was interested in and the colors that really caught my attention. In this post I will be showing you guys what I got, give a little review and swatch it!

I was very happy that my local drugstore still had everything from the collection, so I had a good amount of products to choose from.

From left to right:
“02 Icylicious”
“03 Always in my mint”
“01 Cone Head”

First of all, the packaging of the eyeshadows is adorable. Actually the whole line looks really cute, but especially the eyeshadows. There are 3 colors available in the collection, so I got every color. Although they are really pigmented and the quality is fairly good, the eyeshadow colors look the same to me. There is a slight difference in undertone, but they look really alike. So if you are interested in these, I would just pick one color 🙂

Shimmer Pearls in “01 I-CY U”

This looked so fun and shimmery, but when you put in your face, it is very subtle. There’s almost no shimmer in this, especially on the face. So if you are looking for a natural, not too shimmery highlight, this is definitely the perfect one for you. But if you like bright highlighters with lots of shimmer, I would skip this one.
From left to right:
Nail Polish in “04 Icylicious”
Lip Balm in “02 Icylicious”
Lip Balm in “03 Ben&Cherries”

The lip balms have a nice, subtle scent, but they don’t have any color when you put them on your lips. You could compare them to Baby Lips (although Baby Lips are still my favorite!), except they don’t have any color. They just hydrate your lips and add a nice shine. I was planning on swatching them, but they just wouldn’t show up on camera.
As for the nail polish, the application can be a bit difficult, it’s very streaky, but if you apply 2-3 coats, it’s fine. The color is a nice nude-pink-orang color, really pretty!
(Okay, I have to admit that painting my nails isn’t my specialty ;))
Nail Topping Stickers in “01 Rainbow Sprinkles”
And last but not least, I grabbed these nail stickers. I am really excited to try these out, as I have never tried nail stickers before. I will definitely let you guys know what I think about this!


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