Colourpop Pressed Shadows (Lo-Key, Hi-Maintenance & Goody Two-Shoes) | Review

Hey loves! I’ve been crazy busy with school lately, which is why I haven’t been posting as much as normal. But luckily, I had a little bit of spare time today, so I decided to fully dedicate my time to writing today’s review which is all about the new(ish) Colourpop Pressed Shadows. I have been a fan of their Super Shock Shadows for over two years now, but since that formula is quite creamy, they’re not the easiest to create an entire eyeshadow look with. That is why I was super excited to see they’ve finally released pressed shadows as well. Their pressed shadows come in little magnetic pans which you can pop into one of their empty palettes (or a Z palette) and create your own perfect palette. So if you’re interesting in knowing more about these, keep on reading!

As I have mentioned, the Pressed Shadows come in little magnetic pans that you can place into any magnetic palette you have. Colourpop also has their own empty palettes, in which you can place four eyeshadow pans. You can buy these palettes pre-made, or you can get it for free when you order 4 of their singles. Each pans has a little sticker on the back indicating the shade name.

The packaging of their palettes is absolutely adorable. It has a white design with little silver stars and a transparant band on the front. The palette opens and closes magnetically and has four slots to place your eyeshadows in. The pre-made shadow collections are housed in the exact same palettes, the only difference is that they have different sleeves in different colors with the name of the collection and shade names on the back. The only downside with this kind of packaging is that once you throw away the sleeve, you can’t see which palette it was.

Hack: You can take out the inside of the palette which would reveal an even bigger magnet and give you even more space to put more eyeshadows in.

Of course, Colourpop has already expanded their Pressed Shadow range which currently consists of four pre-made palettes and 58 (!!) singles.

What I love about these pre-made shadow collections is that you can easily pop out the pans and replace them with others to create your perfect palette. Each pan has a sticker on the back with the shade name, which is nice to know afterwords. Also, the shadows that are in the shadow collection palettes are also available to purchase individually.

Lo-Key Shadow Collection

The first palette is called Lo-Key and comes with 4 warm oranges and red shadows. Lo-Key has one shimmer and three matte shadows, which is a nice balance.

❤ Take It Slow: a light warm champagne gold with a metallic sheen.
❤ I Owe You: a muted medium warm orange with a matte finish.
❤ Running Late: a light warm creamy orange with a matte finish.

❤ Criss Cross: a warm brick orange with red undertones and a matte finish.

Take It Slow is very smooth and soft, but the pigmentation could’ve been better. I Owe You, Running Late & Criss Cross are all quite powdery, but also very pigmented and blendeable at the same time.

Hi-Maintenance Shadow Collection

The next palette is called Hi-Maintenance and comes with a variety of cranberry and burgundy shades. This time, the palette comes with two shimmers and two mattes which is an even better balance.

❤ Just In Time: a warm soft gold with a satin finish.
❤ High Strung: a medium warm rosy brown with a metallic finish.
❤ Get Out: a muted medium pinky red / cranberry with a matte finish.

❤ Cute Alert: a deeper warm burgundy brown with a matte finish.

Just In Time has an amazingly soft texture and the pigmentation is equally fantastic. High Strung is extremely buttery and intense with a beautiful metallic finish. Get Out & Cute Alert are again, a little bit powdery, but at the same time they don’t lack any pigmentation whatsoever and were easy to blend.

Goody Two-Shoes Metallic Pressed Shadow

I also decided to try out one of their single pressed shadows called Goody Two-Shoes, which is a gorgeous cool gunmetal grey with a metallic finish.

The formula of Goody Two-Shoes is extremely smooth and buttery and it applied like a dream. The pigmentation is out of this world and it has a gorgeous metallic finish.

As you can clearly tell from these swatches, the new Colourpop Pressed Shadows are insanely pigmented and intense! My favorite shades are most definitely Goody Two-Shoes and High Strung, which are both gorgeous metallic shades. Even though the mattes are a little bit powdery, I still adore the formula and I think the shades are super pretty and right up my alley.

The lasting-power of these shadows is excellent. When applying them over an eyeshadow primer, they last all day long without creasing or loosing any intensity.

Considering these are the first ever pressed shadows Colourpop has released, I think they’re awesome. Some mattes are a little bit powdery, but overall the shadows are extremely smooth, pigmented and easy to work with. I also adore the shade range, although I definitely think they have room to expand, which they (of course) already did by now.

Both the Lo-Key & Hi-Maintenance shadow collections are available on the official Colourpop website for $18 (4 x 1.4 g). The shadows that come in these pre-made palettes are also available to purchase individually for $5 each, as is Goody Two-Shoes (1.2 g). Considering you save $2 and get a free palette I would totally recommend the pre-made palettes! Also, if you purchase 4 single shadows, you receive a free empty palette. However, this palette is marked on your shipping box & invoice, so keep that in mind if you want to stay under a certain amount to avoid custom charges. That is why I would recommend the pre-made palettes since there’s no additional empty palette on your invoice, just the $18.


  1. March 13, 2017 / 18:49

    Wow wat een mooie kleuren

  2. March 14, 2017 / 14:16

    Wauw ze zien er erg goed uit zeg! Ik moet toegeven dat ik mij telkens in moet houden om niet te bestellen bij ColourPop haha!

  3. Sara
    March 16, 2017 / 18:44

    Ziet er echt top uit! Tot nu toe heb ik me nog kunnen inhouden om zo'n pre-made paletje te bestellen… en toen zag ik dat nieuwe nectar quad. Moet me echt inhouden, sooo pretty!

  4. March 18, 2017 / 14:53

    Wauw die swatches zien er zo enorm goed uit! Hele mooie kleuren ook!

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